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2491. Ioannes -- John, the name of several Israelites
... Ioannes Phonetic Spelling: (ee-o-an'-nace) Short Definition: John Definition: John:
the Baptist, the apostle, a member of the Sanhedrin, or John Mark. ...
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921. Barnabas -- Barnabas, an Israelite companion of Paul
... Barnabas Phonetic Spelling: (bar-nab'-as) Short Definition: Barnabas Definition:
Barnabas, a Cypriote Jew, uncle of John Mark; his other name was Joseph. ...
/greek/921.htm - 6k

3137. Maria -- Mary, the name of several Christian women
... Miriam Definition: Mary, Miriam, (a) the mother of Jesus, (b) of Magdala, (c) sister
of Martha and Lazarus, (d) wife of Cleopas, (e) mother of John Mark, (f) a ...
/greek/3137.htm - 6k

4498. Rhode -- Rhoda, a servant girl
... Transliteration: Rhode Phonetic Spelling: (hrod'-ay) Short Definition: Rhoda Definition:
Rhoda, a maidservant in the house of John Mark's mother at Jerusalem. ...
/greek/4498.htm - 6k

3138. Markos -- Mark, a Christian
... mar'-kos) Short Definition: Mark Definition: Mark, who also had the Hebrew name
John, son of Mary, nephew of Barnabas, coadjutor of Barnabas, Paul, and Peter. ...
/greek/3138.htm - 6k

993. Boanerges -- Boanerges, an epithet applied to the two sons of ...
... the victim of an early martyrdom (Ac 12:2); and which sounds in the thunders of
John's Apocalypse" (, 98). ["" is an Aramaic term, interpreted by Mark (for his ...
/greek/993.htm - 8k

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John Mark





John Mark

John the Apostle

John the Baptist

John: A Nazarite

John: A Relative of Annas the High Priest

John: Affected Probably by the Doctrines of the Stoics

John: Baptizes Jesus

John: Character of

John: Herod Antipas Falsely Supposes Jesus to Be

John: His Influence Upon the Public Mind

John: His Ministry not Attested by Miracles

John: Jesus Discourses Upon

John: Lives in the Desert

John: Ministry of

John: Miraculous Birth of

John: Mission of

John: Reproves Herod Antipas on Account of his Incest; Herod Imprisons Him, and Beheads Him

John: Sends Two Disciples to Jesus

John: Teaches his Disciples to Fast

John: Teaches his Disciples to Pray

John: Testifies to the Messiahship of Jesus

John: The Apostle is Intrusted With the Care of Mary, Mother of Jesus

John: The Apostle is Present With Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane

John: The Apostle: A Pillar of the Ekklesia (Body of Christ)

John: The Apostle: Civil Ambitions of

John: The Apostle: Imprisoned by the Rulers of the Jews

John: The Apostle: Intimately Associated With Jesus

John: The Apostle: Intolerance of

John: The Apostle: Lives in Jerusalem

John: The Apostle: Prepares the Passover Meal

John: The Apostle: Present at the Crucifixion

John: The Apostle: Present at the Gravesite of Jesus

John: The Apostle: Present at the Trial of Jesus Which Took Place in Front of the High Priest

John: The Apostle: Present when Jesus Revealed Himself at the Lake Galilee

John: The Apostle: Present With Peter in the Temple Courtyard

John: The Apostle: Prophecy Concerning

John: The Apostle: Sent by the Jerusalem Congregation With the Commission to Samaria

John: The Apostle: The Epistles of John

John: The Apostle: The healing of Peter's mother-in-law

John: The Apostle: The raising of the daughter of Jairus

John: The Apostle: The transfiguration

John: The Apostle: The two catches of fish

John: The Apostle: Writes his Apocalyptic Vision from Patmos Island

John: The Baptist: Prophecies Concerning

John: The Testimony of Jesus Concerning (See Below, Jesus Discourses Upon)

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