Job 35
American Standard Version
Elihu Reminds Job of God's Justice

1Moreover Elihu answered and said,

2Thinkest thou this to be thy right, Or'sayest thou, My righteousness is more than God's,

3That thou sayest, What advantage will it be unto thee? And , What profit shall I have, more than if I had sinned?

4I will answer thee, And thy companions with thee.

5Look unto the heavens, and see; And behold the skies, which are higher than thou.

6If thou hast sinned, what effectest thou against him? And if thy transgressions be multiplied, what doest thou unto him?

7If thou be righteous, what givest thou him? Or what receiveth he of thy hand?

8Thy wickedness may hurt a man as thou art; And thy righteousness may profit a son of man.

9By reason of the multitude of oppressions they cry out; They cry for help by reason of the arm of the mighty.

10But none saith, Where is God my Maker, Who giveth songs in the night,

11Who teacheth us more than the beasts of the earth, And maketh us wiser than the birds of the heavens?

12There they cry, but none giveth answer, Because of the pride of evil men.

13Surely God will not hear an empty cry , Neither will the Almighty regard it.

14How much less when thou sayest thou beholdest him not, The cause is before him, and thou waitest for him!

15But now, because he hath not visited in his anger, Neither doth he greatly regard arrogance;

16Therefore doth Job open his mouth in vanity; He multiplieth words without knowledge.

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1. Comparison is not to be made with God,
6. because our good or evil cannot extend unto him
9. Many cry in their afflictions, but are not heard for lack of faith
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