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... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia NASI. na'-se (Codex Vaticanus Nasei; Codex
Alexandrinus Nasith; the King James Version, Nasith): The ...
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... AD (tanna', plural tanna'im); (c) a single tenet; (d) a collection of such tenets;
(e) above all, the collection made by Rabbi Jehudah (or Judah) ha-Nasi'. ...
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Ruler (329 Occurrences)
... In 2 Chronicles 35:8 the names of three others are given (Hilkiah, Zechariah and
Jehiel). (3) nasi, "prince" (so Numbers 13:2, the King James Version "ruler ...
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Governor (78 Occurrences)
... 9:25). (2.) Hebrews nasi, raised; exalted. Used ... ruler"). (4) nasi' (2 Chronicles
1:2, the Revised Version (British and American) "prince"). ...
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Prince (160 Occurrences)
... (2) nasi': usually derived from nasa', "to lift," hence, "exalted"; otherwise: a
"speaker." (a) An ... Of special interest is the use of the word nasi' in Ezekiel. ...
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Sanhedrin (19 Occurrences)
... to the Talmud (especially Haghighah 2 2), the Sanhedrin is represented as a juridical
tribunal of scribes, in which one scribe acted as nasi', "prince," ie ...
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... It is probable that the same movement, which led Jehudah ha-Nasi' to commit to writing
the decisions of the rabbis which form the Mishna, would lead to writing ...
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Vapor (6 Occurrences)
... rain from his vapor" (Job 36:27); "There went up a mist ['edh] from the earth, and
watered the whole face of the ground" (Genesis 2:6). (2) nasi', "vapor," ie ...
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Nasor. << Nasi, Nasor. Nathan >>. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia NASOR.
na'-sor. See HAZOR. << Nasi, Nasor. Nathan >>. Reference Bible.
/n/nasor.htm - 6k

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

na'-se (Codex Vaticanus Nasei; Codex Alexandrinus Nasith; the King James Version, Nasith): The head of one of the families which went up with Zerubbabel (1 Esdras 5:32) equals "Neziah" of Ezra 2:54 Nehemiah 7:56.

Strong's Hebrew
5387a. nasi -- one lifted up, a chief, prince
nasi or nasi. << 5387, 5387a. nasi or nasi. 5387b >>. one lifted up, a chief,
prince. Transliteration: nasi or nasi Short Definition: leader. ...
/hebrew/5387a.htm - 5k

5387b. nasi -- rising mist, vapor
... << 5387a, 5387b. nasi. 5388 >>. rising mist, vapor. Transliteration: nasi Short
Definition: clouds. ... << 5387a, 5387b. nasi. 5388 >>. Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/5387b.htm - 5k

5387. nasiy' -- one lifted up, a chief, prince
... Or nasi' {naw-see'}; from nasa'; properly, an exalted one, ie A king or sheik; also
a rising mist -- captain, chief, cloud, governor, prince, ruler, vapour. ...
/hebrew/5387.htm - 5k

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