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Nose-jewels (1 Occurrence)

Isaiah 3:21 the rings, and the nose-jewels; (See JPS ASV BBE WBS)

... which droop like the ears in consequence.". Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia.
NOSE-JEWELS. noz-ju'-elz, -joo'-elz (nezem (probably ...
/n/nosejewels.htm - 8k

Nose-jewels (1 Occurrence)
Nose-jewels. << Nosejewels, Nose-jewels. Nose-ring >>. Easton's Bible Dictionary ... <<
Nosejewels, Nose-jewels. Nose-ring >>. Reference Bible.
/n/nose-jewels.htm - 9k

Nose (23 Occurrences)

/n/nose.htm - 19k

Nose-ring (4 Occurrences)
Nose-ring. << Nose-jewels, Nose-ring. Nose-rings >>. Multi-Version Concordance ...
(BBE). << Nose-jewels, Nose-ring. Nose-rings >>. Reference Bible.
/n/nose-ring.htm - 7k

Ring (33 Occurrences)
... It was also a feminine ornament in Isaiah's list of the fashionable feminine
paraphernalia, "the rings and the nose-jewels" (quite likely rings also) (Isaiah ...
/r/ring.htm - 24k

Jewels (54 Occurrences)
... the jewels with secret powers, (BBE). Isaiah 3:21 The rings, and nosejewels,
(KJV JPS ASV BBE WBS). Isaiah 49:18 Let your eyes be ...
/j/jewels.htm - 23k

Woman (4043 Occurrences)
... 3:18-24: anklets, cauls, crescents, pendants, bracelets, mufflers, headtires, ankle
chains, sashes, perfume-boxes, amulets, rings, nose-jewels, festival robes ...
/w/woman.htm - 45k

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

noz-ju'-elz, -joo'-elz (nezem (probably from nazam, "muzzle") a "nose-ring," or "nose-jewel," so rendered in Isaiah 3:21; "jewel in a swine's snout," Proverbs 11:22, the King James Version margin "ring"; "jewel on thy forehead," Ezekiel 16:12, "ring upon thy nose"): In Genesis 24:22, the King James Version rendered incorrectly "earring"; compare Genesis 24:47. Indeed, the word had also a more generic meaning of "ring" or "jewelry," whether worn in the nose or not. See Genesis 35:4 Exodus 32:2, where the ornament was worn in the ear. There are several cases without specification, uniformly rendered, without good reason, however, "earring" in the King James Version (Exodus 35:22 Judges 8:24, 25 Job 42:11 ("ring"); Proverbs 25:12 Hosea 2:13 (15)).

The nose-jewel was made of gold or of silver, usually, and worn by many women of the East. It was a ring of from an inch to about three inches (in extreme cases) in diameter, and was passed through the right nostril. Usually there were pendant from the metal ring jewels, beads or coral. Such ornaments are still worn in some parts of the East.


Edward Bagby Pollard

Easton's Bible Dictionary
Only mentioned in Isaiah 3:21, although refered to in Genesis 24:47, Proverbs 11:22, Hosea 2:13. They were among the most valued of ancient female ornaments. They "were made of ivory or metal, and occasionally jewelled. They were more than an inch in diameter, and hung upon the mouth. Eliezer gave one to Rebekah which was of gold and weighed half a shekel...At the present day the women in the country and in the desert wear these ornaments in one of the sides of the nostrils, which droop like the ears in consequence."

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