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... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia SPARTA; SPARTANS. spar'-ta, spar'-tanz
(Sparte (1 Maccabees 14:16), Spartiatai; Lacedaemonians (the ...
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... las-e-de-mo'-ni-anz (Spartidtai; once only Lakedaimonioi, 2 Maccabees 5:9): The
inhabitants of Sparta or Lacedaemon with whom the Jews claimed some kinship and ...
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Chios (1 Occurrence)
... In 412 they sided with the Peloponnesians, in the 19th year of the war which
Athens had been waging against Sparta and her allies. ...
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... father of Simon the Just (ibid., XII, ii, 5; Sirach 50), and, according to 1 Maccabees
12:7, 20, a contemporary of Areus (Arius), king of Sparta, who reigned ...
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... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia SPARTA; SPARTANS. spar'-ta, spar'-tanz
(Sparte (1 Maccabees 14:16), Spartiatai; Lacedaemonians (the ...
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Corinth (13 Occurrences)
... But when Athens, Thebes, Sparta and Argos fell away, Corinth came to the front again
as the wealthiest and most important city in Greece; and when it was ...
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... 8:17;). They were well received and successful, both at Rome (1 Maccabees
12:3) and at Sparta (1 Maccabees 12:19;; 14:22). After ...
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Crete (7 Occurrences)
... Aristotle compares the Cretan institutions with those of Sparta; the island was
said to have been colonized by Dorians from Peloponnesus (Politics ii.10). ...
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... Josephus. A king of Sparta (309-265 BC) who wrote the letter to Onias,
the high priest, given in 1 Maccabees 12:7, 20-23. There ...
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Sparrows (4 Occurrences)

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Smith's Bible Dictionary

a celebrated city of Greece, between whose inhabitants and the Jews a relationship was believed to subsist. Between the two nations a correspondence ensued.--Whitney. The act of the Jews and Spartans, 2 Macc. 5:9 is an ethnological error, which it is difficult to trace to its origin.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

spar'-ta, spar'-tanz (Sparte (1 Maccabees 14:16), Spartiatai; Lacedaemonians (the King James Version 1 Maccabees 12:2, 5, 6, 10, 21; 14:20-23; 15:23; in 2 Maccabees 5:9, Greek Lakedaimonioi)): The passages in 1 Maccabees relate to a correspondence initiated by Jonathan, the priest, during the Maccabean revolt, and continued after his death with his brother Simon, between the Jews and the Lacedaemonians or Spartans, with a view to a friendly alliance. The proposals, curiously based on a claim to kindredship, were favorably received by the Lacedaemonians. See the letters (1 Maccabees 12:5;, 19;; 14:16;). The claim to blood-relationship (compare 1 Maccabees 12:21; 2 Maccabees 5:9) is of course absurd, but there is no good reason to doubt the genuineness of the transaction described.


James Orr

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