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Splendidly (2 Occurrences)

Luke 7:25 but what have ye gone forth to see? a man in soft garments clothed? lo, they in splendid apparellings, and living in luxury, are in the houses of kings! (See NAS)

Ezekiel 38:4 and I will turn you around, and put hooks into your jaws, and I will bring you forth, with all your army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed in full armor, a great company with buckler and shield, all of them handling swords; (See NAS)

Splendidly (2 Occurrences)
... (adv.) In a splendid manner; magnificently. Multi-Version Concordance Splendidly
(2 Occurrences). Luke 7:25 but what have ye gone forth to see? ...
/s/splendidly.htm - 7k

Splendid (14 Occurrences)

/s/splendid.htm - 10k

Nobly (5 Occurrences)
... 2. (adv.) In a noble manner; with greatness of soul; heroically; with magnanimity;
as, a deed nobly done. 3. (adv.) Splendidly; magnificently. ...
/n/nobly.htm - 7k

Brightly (4 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (adv.) Brilliantly; splendidly; with luster; as, brightly
shining armor. 2. (adv.) With lively intelligence; intelligently. ...
/b/brightly.htm - 7k

Bravely (3 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (adv.) In a brave manner; courageously; gallantly;
valiantly; splendidly; nobly. 2. (adv.) Finely; gaudily; gayly; showily. ...
/b/bravely.htm - 7k

Splendor (87 Occurrences)

/s/splendor.htm - 29k

Worship (332 Occurrences)
... How fully and splendidly this musical element of worship was developed among the
Hebrews the Book of Psalms gives witness, as well as the many notices in ...
/w/worship.htm - 66k

Ezekiel (4 Occurrences)
... against the foreign countries are not only in point of time to be placed between
Ezekiel 24 and 33:21, but also, as concerns contents, help splendidly to solve ...
/e/ezekiel.htm - 45k

2988. lampros -- splendidly
... splendidly. Part of Speech: Adverb Transliteration: lampros Phonetic Spelling:
(lam-proce') Short Definition: magnificently, sumptuously Definition ... splendidly. ...
/greek/2988.htm - 6k

1741. endoxos -- held in honor, glorious
... Word Origin from en and doxa Definition held in honor, glorious NASB Word Usage
in all...glory (1), distinguished (1), glorious things (1), splendidly (1). ...
/greek/1741.htm - 7k

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(adv.) In a splendid manner; magnificently.
Strong's Hebrew
4358. miklol -- perfection, gorgeous attire
... Word Origin from kalal Definition perfection, gorgeous attire NASB Word Usage
magnificently (1), splendidly (1). most gorgeously, all sorts. ...
/hebrew/4358.htm - 6k
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