Exodus 29:8
Parallel Strong's
Berean Study Bible
Present his sons as well and clothe them with tunics.

Young's Literal Translation
‘And his sons thou dost bring near, and hast clothed them [with] coats,

King James Bible
And thou shalt bring his sons, and put coats upon them.

תַּקְרִ֑יב (taq·rîḇ)
Verb - Hifil - Imperfect - second person masculine singular
Strong's 7126: To come near, approach

his sons {as well}
בָּנָ֖יו (bā·nāw)
Noun - masculine plural construct | third person masculine singular
Strong's 1121: A son

and clothe
וְהִלְבַּשְׁתָּ֖ם (wə·hil·baš·tām)
Conjunctive waw | Verb - Hifil - Conjunctive perfect - second person masculine singular | third person masculine plural
Strong's 3847: Wrap around, to put on a, garment, clothe

them with tunics.
כֻּתֳּנֹֽת׃ (kut·to·nōṯ)
Noun - feminine plural
Strong's 3801: A shirt


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