4071. medurah
Lexical Summary
medurah: a pile (of wood)
Original Word: מְדוּרָה
Transliteration: medurah
Phonetic Spelling: (med-oo-raw')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: a pile (of wood)
Meaning: a pile (of wood)
Strong's Concordance
pile for fire

Or mdurah {med-oo-raw'}; from duwr in the sense of accumulation; a pile of fuel -- pile (for fire).

see HEBREW duwr


H4071. medurah

מְדוּרָהnoun feminine pile (of wood, etc.) ׳מEzekiel 24:9; הרבה ועצים אֵשׁ מְדֻרָתָהּIsaiah 30:33 = pyre (so Ges Hi De Che Brd; Ew Di its circuit, compass).


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