4701. mitsnepheth
Lexical Summary
mitsnepheth: turban (of the high priest)
Original Word: מִצְנֶפֶת
Transliteration: mitsnepheth
Phonetic Spelling: (mits-neh'-feth)
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: turban (of the high priest)
Meaning: turban (of the high priest)
Strong's Concordance
diadem, mitre

From tsanaph; a tiara, i.e. Official turban (of a king or high priest) -- diadem, mitre.

see HEBREW tsanaph


H4701. mitsnepheth

מִצְנֶ֫פֶתnoun feminine turban of high priest; — absolute ׳מEzekiel 21:31, מִצְנָ֑פֶתExodus 28:37; 29:6; construct מִצְנֶ֫פֶתLeviticus 16:4; — turban of linen Exodus 28:4, 37 (twice in verse); 28:39; 29:6 (twice in verse); 39:28, 31; Leviticus 8:9 (twice in verse); 16:4; sign of royalty Ezekiel 21:31.

צנק‎ (√ of following; compare Samaritan shut up or in, and perhaps Ethiopic hedge about, PräBASi. 374; compare also Arabic bind, restrain, straighten, Syriac (in Lexicons; usually throw)).


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