4998. naah
Lexical Summary
naah: to be comely or befitting
Original Word: נָאָה
Transliteration: naah
Phonetic Spelling: (naw-aw')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to be comely or befitting
Meaning: to be at home, to be pleasant, beautiful
Strong's Concordance
be beautiful, become, be comely

A primitive root; properly, to be at home, i.e. (by implication) to be pleasant (or suitable), i.e. Beautiful -- be beautiful, become, be comely.


H4998. naah

[נָאָה‎] verb only

Pi`lel be comely, befitting (Thes Ol§ 251 a, 187 a Sta§ 416 b Ges§ 2. R. 4 SS BaePsalm 33:1 > AE Ki HartmPlurilit.-bildungen (1875) 13 ff.ZMG xxx. 1876, 185 Now Hup31:1. 93, 5 Buhl

Niph`alI. אוהdesire, i.e. desirable, beautiful; Late Hebrew נאה‎ Pi`el Hithpa`el; נוֺאִי ᵑ7beauty); —

Pi`lel Perfect נַאֲוָהPsalm 93:5 (so van d. H Ginsb; Masora Baer Deon the passage נָָֽאֲוָה‎ = נָאוָה‎ see נָאוֶה

adjective, but see Sta§ 155. b. n); נָאווּIsaiah 52:7; Song of Solomon 1:10 (on form compare Gesl.c.); —

1 be comely; of feet of messenger, (figurative) Isaiah 52:7; of cheeks Song of Solomon 1:10.

2 be befitting: נ קֹֿדֶשׁ׳לְבֵיתְךָPsalm 93:5.


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