5146. Noach
Lexical Summary
Noach: "rest", patriarch who survived the flood
Original Word: נֹחַ
Transliteration: Noach
Phonetic Spelling: (no'-akh)
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Short Definition: "rest", patriarch who survived the flood
Meaning: Noah -- "rest", patriarch who survived the flood
Strong's Concordance

The same as nuwach; rest; Noach, the patriarch of the flood -- Noah.

see HEBREW nuwach


H5146. Noach

נֹחַ46 proper name, masculine Noah (Nabataean proper name נוח‎ Lzb322, Syriac proper name MeissnVOJ viii, (1894), 303 near the end (No. 116)); — Genesis 5:29 (where traditional etymology), + 40 t. Genesis 5-10 (not in E D); 1 Chronicles 1:4; וְאִיּוֺב דָּנִאֵל נֹחַEzekiel 14:14, 20; נֹחַ מֵי‎ = flood Isaiah 54:9 (twice in verse); ᵐ5Νωε. — On history of interpretion of name see GoldziherZMG xxiv. (1870), 207 ff.


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