5257. nciyk
Lexical Summary
nciyk: a libation, molten image
Original Word: נְסִיךְ
Transliteration: nciyk
Phonetic Spelling: (nes-eek')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a libation, molten image
Meaning: something poured out, a libation, a molten image, a prince
Strong's Concordance
drink offering, duke, principal

From nacak; properly, something poured out, i.e. A libation; also a molten image; by implication, a prince (as anointed) -- drink offering, duke, prince(-ipal).

see HEBREW nacak


H5257. nciyk

I. [נָסִיךְ‎] noun masculine

1 libation;

2 molten image; —

1 suffix נְסִיכָם יֵיןwine of their drink-offering Deuteronomy 32:38.

2 molten image, suffix נְסִכֵיהֶםDaniel 11:8.

II. [נָסִיךְ‎] noun masculine prince; — plural construct נְסִיכֵיJoshua 13:21; Ezekiel 32:30; Micah 5:4; suffix נְסִיכֵמוֺPsalm 83:12.

נִסְמָן‎ see סמן‎.


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