5325. nitstsab
Lexical Summary
nitstsab: haft, hilt (of a sword)
Original Word: נִצָּב
Transliteration: nitstsab
Phonetic Spelling: (nits-twawb')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: haft, hilt (of a sword)
Meaning: haft, hilt (of a sword)
Strong's Concordance

Passive participle of natsab; fixed, i.e. A handle -- haft.

see HEBREW natsab


H5325. nitstsab

נִצָּבnoun masculine

1 haft, hilt of sword Judges 3:22 (Arabic handle of knife, 'in which the [i.e. the shank] is set' Lane2800).

2 prefect, deputy, see נצבNiph`al 3.


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