6584. pashat
Lexical Summary
pashat: to strip off, make a dash, raid
Original Word: פָשַׁט
Transliteration: pashat
Phonetic Spelling: (paw-shat')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to strip off, make a dash, raid
Meaning: to strip off, make a dash, raid
Strong's Concordance
fall upon, flay, invade, make an invasion, pull off, put off, make a road, run upon,

A primitive root; to spread out (i.e. Deploy in hostile array); by analogy, to strip (i.e. Unclothe, plunder, flay, etc.) -- fall upon, flay, invade, make an invasion, pull off, put off, make a road, run upon, rush, set, spoil, spread selves (abroad), strip (off, self).


H6584. pashat

מָּשַׁטverb strip off, make a dash, raid (compare Assyrian pašât‰u, expunge, obliterate; Late Hebrew מָּשַׁט‎ Aramaic מְּשַׁט‎, , are stretch out, extend, make plain, so Arabic ); —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular ׳פHosea 7:1 +, 2 masculine singular וּפָשַׁטְדָמתּ֫Judges 9:33, etc.; Imperfect3masculine singular וַיִפְשַׁט1 Samuel 19:24; 3masculine plural יִפְשֹׁ֑טוּEzekiel 26:1, etc.; Imperative masculine singular מְּשֹׁ֫טָהIsaiah 32:11; Participle plural מּשְׁטִיםNehemiah 4:17; —

1 strip off, put off, one's garment (accusative) 1 Samuel 19:24; Ezekiel 26:16; Leviticus 6:4 (opposed to לָבַשׁ‎), 16:23 (id.; both P), Nehemiah 4:17; Song of Solomon 5:3; accusative omitted Isaiah 32:11; of locusts Nahum 3:16 stripping off (sheaths of wings, compare Da Dr Amos.85).

2 put off (one's shelter), i.e. make a dash (from a sheltered place), with אֶלJudges 20:37, absolute 9:44; especially of marauding foray Hosea 7:1, c עַלagainst Judges 9:33, 44; 1 Samuel 23:27; 30:14 (insert עַל‎ compare ᵐ5‎ We Dr al), Job 1:17 c אֶל1 Samuel 27:8; 30:1, with בְּ1 Chronicles 14:9, 13; 2 Chronicles 25:13; 28:18; in 1 Samuel 27:10 read אָן‎ (for אַלֿ‎) We Dr and others

Pi`el infinitive constructלְפַשֵּׁט‎, with accusative of person 1 Samuel 31:8 to strip the slain = 1 Chronicles 10:8; absolute only to strip (that is, the slain) 2 Samuel 23:10 (insert also "" 1 Chronicles 11:13 Dr).

Hiph`il Perfect3masculine singular הִפְשִׁיטJob 19:9; 3masculine plural suffix וְהִפְשִׁיטוךְEzekiel 23:26 etc.; Imperfect3masculine singular וַיַּפְשֵׁטNumbers 20:28; 1singular suffix אַפְשִׁיטֶנָּהHosea 2:5; 2masculine plural תַּפְשִׁט֑וּןMicah 2:8, etc.; Imperative הַפְשֵׁטNumbers 20:26; Infinitive construct הַפְשִׁיט2 Chronicles 29:34; Participle plural מַפְשִׁיטִים35:11; —

1 strip one of garment (2 accusative) Genesis 37:23 (E), Numbers 20:26, 28 (opposed to הִלְבִּישׁ‎>), Ezekiel 16:39; 23:26; a. accusative of person alone 1 Chronicles 10:9; Hosea 2:5 strip her (suffix) naked (עֲרֻמָּה‎).

2 strip off, accusativeכֵּלָיו1 Samuel 31:9, clothing Job 22:6; with accusative אֶדֶר‎ + מִטּוּלMicah 2:8; with accusative עוֺר‎ + מֵעַל3:3, compare (accusative כְּבוֺדִי‎) Job 19:9.

3 flay, with accusative הָעֹלָהLeviticus 1:6; 2 Chronicles 29:4; accusative omitted 35:11.

Hithpa`el Imperfect3masculine singular וַיִּתְמַּשֵּׁט1 Samuel 18:4 he stripped himself of his garment (accusative).


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