7124. qore
Lexical Summary
qore: a partridge
Original Word: קֹרֵא
Transliteration: qore
Phonetic Spelling: (ko-ray')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a partridge
Meaning: a caller, partridge
Strong's Concordance

Properly, active participle of qara'; a caller, i.e. Partridge (from its cry) -- partridge. See also Qowre'.

see HEBREW qara'

see HEBREW Qowre'


H7124. qore

I. קֹרֵאnoun masculineJeremiah 17:11. usually partridge (from calling; see Gray in FFP123 PostHastings DB under the word TristrMoab 129, 144 f.; otherwise BoHieroz. Participle 2, 81 ff.; ed. Roseum. vol. ii. 632 ff.); — 1 Samuel 26:20; Jeremiah 17:11, compare הִקּוֺ ׳עֵיןJudges 15:19.


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