855. eth
Lexical Summary
eth: a plowshare
Original Word: אֵת
Transliteration: eth
Phonetic Spelling: (ayth)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a plowshare
Meaning: a hoe, other digging implement
Strong's Concordance
coulter, plowshare

Of uncertain derivation; a hoe or other digging implement -- coulter, plowshare.


H855. eth

III. אֵת‎ see אתת‎.

אַתְּי אַתְּ, אַתָּה,‎ see below אנת‎.

III. [אֵת‎] noun [masculine] a cutting instrument of iron usually transl. ploughshare — singular suffix אֵתוֺ1 Samuel 13:20; plural אֵתִים13:21, אִתִּיםIsaiah 2:4 = Micah 4:3; suffix אִתֵּיכֶם‎ Joel 4:10; according to Klo and others also 2 Kings 6:5 אֶתהַֿבַּרְזֶל‎, i.e. the axe of iron.


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