Proverbs 11:4
Parallel Strong's
Berean Study Bible
Riches are worthless in the day of wrath, but righteousness brings deliverance from death.

Young's Literal Translation
Wealth profiteth not in a day of wrath, And righteousness delivereth from death.

King James Bible
Riches profit not in the day of wrath: but righteousness delivereth from death.

ה֭וֹן (hō·wn)
Noun - masculine singular
Strong's 1952: Wealth, sufficiency

are worthless
יוֹעִ֣יל (yō·w·‘îl)
Verb - Hifil - Imperfect - third person masculine singular
Strong's 3276: To confer or gain profit or benefit

in the day
בְּי֣וֹם (bə·yō·wm)
Preposition-b | Noun - masculine singular construct
Strong's 3117: A day

of wrath,
עֶבְרָ֑ה (‘eḇ·rāh)
Noun - feminine singular
Strong's 5678: Overflow, arrogance, fury

but righteousness
וּ֝צְדָקָ֗ה (ū·ṣə·ḏā·qāh)
Conjunctive waw | Noun - feminine singular
Strong's 6666: Rightness, subjectively, objectively

brings deliverance
תַּצִּ֥יל (taṣ·ṣîl)
Verb - Hifil - Imperfect - third person feminine singular
Strong's 5337: To strip, plunder, deliver oneself, be delivered, snatch away, deliver

from death.
מִמָּֽוֶת׃ (mim·mā·weṯ)
Preposition-m | Noun - masculine singular
Strong's 4194: Death, the dead, their place, state, pestilence, ruin


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