Psalm 136:1
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Berean Study Bible
Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good. His loving devotion endures forever.

Young's Literal Translation
Give ye thanks to Jehovah, For good, for to the age [is] His kindness.

King James Bible
O give thanks unto the LORD; for [he is] good: for his mercy [endureth] for ever.

Give thanks
הוֹד֣וּ (hō·w·ḏū)
Verb - Hifil - Imperative - masculine plural
Strong's 3034: To throw, at, away, to revere, worship, to bemoan

to the LORD,
לַיהוָ֣ה (Yah·weh)
Preposition-l | Noun - proper - masculine singular
Strong's 3068: LORD -- the proper name of the God of Israel

כִּי־ (kî-)
Strong's 3588: A relative conjunction

He is good.
ט֑וֹב (ṭō·wḇ)
Adjective - masculine singular
Strong's 2896: Pleasant, agreeable, good

His loving devotion
חַסְדּֽוֹ׃ (ḥas·dōw)
Noun - masculine singular construct | third person masculine singular
Strong's 2617: Kindness, piety, reproof, beauty

endures forever.
לְעוֹלָ֣ם (lə·‘ō·w·lām)
Preposition-l | Noun - masculine singular
Strong's 5769: Concealed, eternity, frequentatively, always


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