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Tire (5 Occurrences)

2 Thessalonians 3:13 And you, my brothers, do not get tired of well-doing. (Root in BBE NIV)

Isaiah 40:30 Even the young men will become feeble and tired, and the best of them will come to the end of his strength; (Root in BBE DBY NAS NIV)

Isaiah 40:31 But those who are waiting for the Lord will have new strength; they will get wings like eagles: running, they will not be tired, and walking, they will have no weariness. (Root in BBE DBY NAS)

Jeremiah 2:24 An untrained ass, used to the waste land, breathing up the wind in her desire; at her time, who is able to send her away? all those who are looking for her will have no need to make themselves tired; in her month they will get her. (Root in BBE NIV)

Ezekiel 24:17 Forbear to cry, make no mourning for the dead, bind the tire of thine head upon thee, and put on thy shoes upon thy feet, and cover not thy lips, and eat not the bread of men. (KJV JPS ASV WBS)

Tire (5 Occurrences)
... to jade. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. TIRE, HEADTIRE. tir (2 ... DRESS, V.
Multi-Version Concordance Tire (5 Occurrences). 2 Thessalonians ...
/t/tire.htm - 9k

Bonnet (1 Occurrence)
... The Hebrew word so rendered literally means an ornament, as in Isaiah 61:10 (RV,
"garland"), and in Ezek. 24:17, 23 "tire" (RV, "head-tire"). ...
/b/bonnet.htm - 10k

Tyre (59 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary. 1. (n.) Curdled milk. 2. (n. & v.) Attire. See Tire.
3. (vi) To prey. See Tire. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. LADDER OF TYRE. ...
/t/tyre.htm - 45k

Quail (5 Occurrences)
... such an effort that when forced to cross a large body of water they always waited
until the wind blew in the direction of their course, lest they tire and fall ...
/q/quail.htm - 13k

Nurse (23 Occurrences)
... Chronicles 22:11). But it is obvious that the term was used in a more general
way, eg of a lady's maid or tire-woman. Rebekah was ...
/n/nurse.htm - 17k

Nursing (14 Occurrences)
... Chronicles 22:11). But it is obvious that the term was used in a more general
way, eg of a lady's maid or tire-woman. Rebekah was ...
/n/nursing.htm - 13k

Upset (9 Occurrences)
... the end. 3. (vt) To shorten (a tire) in the process of resetting, originally
by cutting it and hammering on the ends. 4. (vt) To ...
/u/upset.htm - 9k

Weary (77 Occurrences)
... 4. (vt) To reduce or exhaust the physical strength or endurance of; to tire;
to fatigue; as, to weary one's self with labor or traveling. ...
/w/weary.htm - 29k

Travail (54 Occurrences)
... 3. (n.) To labor with pain; to toil. 4. (n.) To suffer the pangs of childbirth;
to be in labor. 5. (vt) To harass; to tire. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. ...
/t/travail.htm - 26k

Tiresome (2 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (a.) Fitted or tending to tire; exhausting; wearisome;
fatiguing; tedious; as, a tiresome journey; a tiresome discourse. ...
/t/tiresome.htm - 7k

2577. kamno -- to be weary
... faint, sick, be wearied. Apparently a primary verb; properly, to toil, ie (by
implication) to tire (figuratively, faint, sicken) -- faint, sick, be wearied. ...
/greek/2577.htm - 6k

2869. kopazo -- to grow weary
... cease. From kopos; to tire, ie (figuratively) to relax -- cease. see GREEK kopos.
(ekopasen) -- 3 Occurrences. << 2868, 2869. kopazo. 2870 >>. Strong's Numbers.
/greek/2869.htm - 6k

3636. okneros -- shrinking, timid, hence idle, lazy, troublesome
... the secondary sense, 'burdensome, troublesome.' It is the vexation arising from
weary waiting, and which appears in the middle English irken (to tire or to ...
/greek/3636.htm - 7k

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

tir (2 Kings 9:30 Isaiah 3:20 Ezekiel 24:17, 23; Judith 10:3; 16:8).


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) A tier, row, or rank. See Tier.

2. (n.) Attire; apparel.

3. (n.) A covering for the head; a headdress.

4. (n.) A child's apron, covering the breast and having no sleeves; a pinafore; a tier.

5. (n.) Furniture; apparatus; equipment.

6. (n.) A hoop or band, as of metal, on the circumference of the wheel of a vehicle, to impart strength and receive the wear.

7. (v. t.) To adorn; to attire; to dress.

8. (v. i.) To seize, pull, and tear prey, as a hawk does.

9. (v. i.) To seize, rend, or tear something as prey; to be fixed upon, or engaged with, anything.

10. (v. i.) To become weary; to be fatigued; to have the strength fail; to have the patience exhausted; as, a feeble person soon tires.

11. (v. t.) To exhaust the strength of, as by toil or labor; to exhaust the patience of; to wear out (one's interest, attention, or the like); to weary; to fatigue; to jade.

Strong's Hebrew
6287. p'er -- to go over the boughs
... beauty, bonnet, goodly, ornament, tire From pa'ar; an embellishment, ie Fancy
head-dress -- beauty, bonnet, goodly, ornament, tire. see HEBREW pa'ar. ...
/hebrew/6287.htm - 5k

7720. saharon -- moon, crescent
... ornament, round tire like the moon. From the same as cahar; a round pendant for
the neck -- ornament, round tire like the moon. see HEBREW cahar. << 7719, 7720. ...
/hebrew/7720.htm - 6k

3286. yaeph -- to be weary, faint
... faint, cause to fly, be weary self. A primitive root; to tire (as if from wearisome
flight) -- faint, cause to fly, (be) weary (self). << 3285, 3286. ...
/hebrew/3286.htm - 6k

3811. laah -- to be weary or impatient
... A primitive root; to tire; (figuratively) to be (or make) disgusted -- faint, grieve,
lothe, (be, make) weary (selves). << 3810, 3811. laah. 3812 >>. ...
/hebrew/3811.htm - 6k

3021. yaga -- to toil, grow or be weary
... faint, make to labor, be weary. A primitive root; properly, to gasp; hence, to be
exhausted, to tire, to toil -- faint, (make to) labour, (be) weary. ...
/hebrew/3021.htm - 6k

3190. yatab -- to be good, well, glad, or pleasing
... do (be, make) good((-ness)), be (make) merry, please (+ well), shew more (kindness),
skilfully, X very small, surely, make sweet, thoroughly, tire, trim, very ...
/hebrew/3190.htm - 7k

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