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Western (19 Occurrences)

Numbers 34:6 "'For the western border, you shall have the great sea and the border of it : this shall be your west border. (WEB KJV JPS ASV WBS NAS RSV NIV)

Deuteronomy 11:24 Every place whereon the sole of your foot shall tread shall be yours: from the wilderness, and Lebanon, from the river, the river Euphrates, even to the hinder sea shall be your border. (See NAS RSV NIV)

Deuteronomy 34:2 and all Naphtali, and the land of Ephraim and Manasseh, and all the land of Judah, to the hinder sea, (See NAS RSV NIV)

Joshua 9:1 Now on hearing the news of these things, all the kings on the west side of Jordan, in the hill-country and the lowlands and by the Great Sea in front of Lebanon, the Hittites and the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites, (See NIV)

Joshua 10:40 So Joshua struck all the land, the hill country, and the South, and the lowland, and the slopes, and all their kings. He left none remaining, but he utterly destroyed all that breathed, as Yahweh, the God of Israel, commanded. (See NIV)

Joshua 11:2 and to the kings that were on the north, in the hill-country and in the Arabah south of Chinneroth, and in the Lowland, and in the regions of Dor on the west, (See NIV)

Joshua 11:16 So Joshua captured all that land, the hill country, all the South, all the land of Goshen, the lowland, the Arabah, the hill country of Israel, and the lowland of the same; (See NIV)

Joshua 12:8 in the hill country, and in the lowland, and in the Arabah, and in the slopes, and in the wilderness, and in the South; the Hittite, the Amorite, and the Canaanite, the Perizzite, the Hivite, and the Jebusite: (See NIV)

Joshua 18:14 And the border was drawn and turned about on the west side southward, from the mountain that lieth before Beth-horon southward; and the goings out thereof were at Kiriath-baal--the same is Kiriath-jearim--a city of the children of Judah; this was the west side. (See RSV NIV)

Judges 1:9 Afterward the children of Judah went down to fight against the Canaanites who lived in the hill country, and in the South, and in the lowland. (See NIV)

1 Chronicles 27:28 and over the olive trees and the sycamore trees that were in the lowland was Baal Hanan the Gederite: and over the cellars of oil was Joash: (See NIV)

Jeremiah 33:13 In the cities of the hill country, in the cities of the lowland, and in the cities of the South, and in the land of Benjamin, and in the places about Jerusalem, and in the cities of Judah, shall the flocks again pass under the hands of him who numbers them, says Yahweh. (See NIV)

Ezekiel 45:7 As to the prince, on this side, and on that side, of the heave-offering of the holy place, and of the possession of the city, at the front of the heave-offering of the holy place, and at the front of the possession of the city, from the west corner westward, and from the east corner eastward -- and the length 'is' over-against one of the portions from the west border unto the east border -- (See RSV NIV)

Ezekiel 46:19 And he bringeth me in through the entrance that 'is' by the side of the gate, unto the holy chambers, unto the priests, that are looking northward, and lo, there 'is' a place in their two sides westward. (See RSV NIV)

Ezekiel 48:10 And of these is the holy heave-offering for the priests, northward five and twenty thousand, and westward 'in' breadth ten thousand, and eastward 'in' breadth ten thousand, and southward 'in' length five and twenty thousand: and the sanctuary of Jehovah hath been in its midst. (See RSV)

Daniel 11:30 For those who go out from the west will come against him, and he will be in fear and will go back, full of wrath against the holy agreement; and he will do his pleasure: and he will go back and be united with those who have given up the holy agreement. (See NIV)

Joel 2:20 But I will remove the northern army far away from you, and will drive it into a barren and desolate land, its front into the eastern sea, and its back into the western sea; and its stench will come up, and its bad smell will rise." Surely he has done great things. (WEB JPS ASV YLT NAS RSV NIV)

Zechariah 7:7 Aren't these the words which Yahweh proclaimed by the former prophets, when Jerusalem was inhabited and in prosperity, and its cities around her, and the South and the lowland were inhabited?'" (See NIV)

Zechariah 14:8 It will happen in that day, that living waters will go out from Jerusalem; half of them toward the eastern sea, and half of them toward the western sea; in summer and in winter will it be. (WEB JPS ASV YLT NAS RSV NIV)

Western (19 Occurrences)
... to the west; situated in the west, or in the region nearly in the direction Of west;
being in that quarter where the sun sets; as, the western shore Of France ...
/w/western.htm - 13k

Apostles (79 Occurrences)
... These three types do not correspond with the four classes of text (Syrian, Western,
Alexandrian, Neutral) outlined by Hort in his Introduction to the New ...
/a/apostles.htm - 62k

... sun" (Joshua 1:4; Joshua 23:4), and, since the west was regarded as the "back,"
in contrast to the east as the "front," as "hinder (or "western" the Revised ...
/m/mediterranean.htm - 11k

Bashan (54 Occurrences)
... (1.) Gaulonitis, or Jaulan, the most western; (2.) Auranitis, the Hauran (Ezek.
47:16); ... Of the western boundary as we have seen there can be no certainty. ...
/b/bashan.htm - 32k

Samaria (123 Occurrences)
... (Comp. Micah 1:6.). In the time of Christ, Western Palestine was divided
into three provinces, Judea, Samaria, and Galilee. Samaria ...
/s/samaria.htm - 63k

Lycaonia (2 Occurrences)
... In the time of Paul, Lycaonia consisted of two parts, a western and an
eastern. The western part was a "region" or subdivision of ...
/l/lycaonia.htm - 10k

Medes (15 Occurrences)
... Rammanu-nirari III of Assyria (Rawlinson, Western Asiatic Inscriptions, I, 35) declares
that he (810-781 BC) had conquered "the land of the Medes and the land ...
/m/medes.htm - 18k

Philosophy (1 Occurrence)
... fi-los'-o-fi (philosophia): 1. Definition and Scope (1) Intuitive Philosophy Is
Universal (2) Speculative Philosophy Belongs Mainly to Western Thought 2. Greek ...
/p/philosophy.htm - 27k

Beth-shemesh (19 Occurrences)
... remark that if their affliction was from Yahweh, the kine would bear the ark "by
the way of its own border." The Philistines lay along the western border of ...
/b/beth-shemesh.htm - 20k

Bethshemesh (19 Occurrences)
... remark that if their affliction was from Yahweh, the kine would bear the ark "by
the way of its own border." The Philistines lay along the western border of ...
/b/bethshemesh.htm - 19k

1424. dusme -- a setting (as of the sun), by impl. (the) western ...
... (the) western (region). Part of ... Word Origin from duno Definition a setting (as of
the sun), by impl. (the) western (region) NASB Word Usage west (5). west. ...
/greek/1424.htm - 6k

2482. Italia -- Italy, a region of western Europe
... Italy, a region of western Europe. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration:
Italia Phonetic Spelling: (ee-tal-ee'-ah) Short Definition: Italy Definition ...
/greek/2482.htm - 6k

773. Asia -- Asia, a Roman province
... Asia, a Roman province. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: Asia Phonetic
Spelling: (as-ee'-ah) Short Definition: roughly the western third of Asia ...
/greek/773.htm - 6k

5435. Phrugia -- Phrygia, a region of Asia Minor
... Phrugia Phonetic Spelling: (froog-ee'-ah) Short Definition: Phrygia Definition:
Phrygia, an ethnic district in Asia Minor, the north-western part of which was ...
/greek/5435.htm - 6k

3974. Paphos -- Paphos, a city in Cyprus
... Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: Paphos Phonetic Spelling:
(paf'-os) Short Definition: Paphos Definition: Paphos, a city at the western end ...
/greek/3974.htm - 6k

2802. Klauda -- Clauda, an island near Crete
... Klauda Phonetic Spelling: (klow'-day) Short Definition: Cauda, Clauda Definition:
Cauda, Clauda, an island twenty-three miles south of the western end of Crete ...
/greek/2802.htm - 6k

5085. Tiberias -- Tiberias, a city of Galilee, also another name ...
... Transliteration: Tiberias Phonetic Spelling: (tib-er-ee-as') Short Definition: Tiberias
Definition: Tiberias, a town in Galilee on the western border of the ...
/greek/5085.htm - 6k

4099. Pisidia -- Pisidia, a region of Asia Minor
... Pisidia Phonetic Spelling: (pis-id-ee'-ah) Short Definition: Pisidia Definition:
Pisidia, a country of Asia Minor, being the south-western part of the Roman ...
/greek/4099.htm - 6k

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

hin'-der; ut'-most; ut'-er-most; wes'-tern.





Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (a.) Of or pertaining to the west; situated in the west, or in the region nearly in the direction Of west; being in that quarter where the sun sets; as, the western shore Of France; the western ocean.

2. (a.) Moving toward the west; as, a ship makes a western course; coming from the west; as, a western breeze.

Strong's Hebrew
314. acharon -- coming after or behind
... 1), last (23), last one (1), last ones (1), last time (1), later (2), later things
(1), latter (3), next (2), ones who (1), rear (1), west (1), western (4). ...
/hebrew/314.htm - 6k

3220. yam -- sea
... sea NASB Word Usage red* (24), sea (278), seacoast* (5), seas (27), seashore (1),
seashore* (9), south (1), west (59), west side (4), western (1), westward (12 ...
/hebrew/3220.htm - 6k



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