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Sea-coast (5 Occurrences)

Luke 6:17 And he came down with them, and stood in the plain; and the company of his disciples, and a great multitude of people out of all Judea and Jerusalem, and from the sea-coast of Tyre and Sidon, who came to hear him, and to be healed of their diseases; (WBS)

Acts 17:14 Then the brethren promptly sent Paul down to the sea-coast, but Silas and Timothy remained behind. (WEY)

Ezekiel 25:16 therefore thus saith the Lord Jehovah, Behold, I will stretch out my hand upon the Philistines, and I will cut off the Cherethites, and destroy the remnant of the sea coast. (See JPS DBY)

Zephaniah 2:5 Woe unto the inhabitants of the sea-coast, the nation of the Cherethites! The word of Jehovah is against you, O Canaan, the land of the Philistines; I will destroy thee, that there shall be no inhabitant. (See JPS ASV DBY YLT)

Zephaniah 2:6 And the sea-coast shall be pastures, with cottages for shepherds and folds for flocks. (See JPS ASV DBY YLT)

Seacoast (7 Occurrences)
...Seacoast (7 Occurrences). ... O inhabitants of the sea-coast, Nation of the Cherethites,
A word of Jehovah 'is' against you, Canaan, land of the Philistines, And I ...
/s/seacoast.htm - 8k

Sea-coast (5 Occurrences)
Sea-coast. << Seacoast, Sea-coast. Sea-eagle >>. Multi-Version Concordance ... (See JPS
ASV DBY YLT). << Seacoast, Sea-coast. Sea-eagle >>. Reference Bible.
/s/sea-coast.htm - 7k

Island (16 Occurrences)
... Jeremiah 47:4), but more frequently simply denotes a maritime region or sea-coast
(Isaiah 20:6, RV, " coastland;23:2, 6; Jeremiah 2:10; Ezek. ...
/i/island.htm - 16k

Cherethites (11 Occurrences)
... in "the land of the Philistines," "the inhabitants of the seacoast." Septuagint
in ... I will cut off the Cherethites, and destroy the remnant of the seacoast. ...
/c/cherethites.htm - 11k

Coast (70 Occurrences)
... paralios, literally, "by the sea" (Luke 6:17)): "Coast" (from Latin costa, "rib"
or "side") in the sense of "seacoast," occurs but a few times in the Bible. ...
/c/coast.htm - 31k

Isle (15 Occurrences)
... Genesis 10:5 Isaiah 11:11; Isaiah 24:15; Isaiah 59:18 Jeremiah 25:22 Ezekiel
39:6 Daniel 11:18; Ze 2:11; the Revised Version margin has "sea-coast" in Jeremiah ...
/i/isle.htm - 15k

Philippi (8 Occurrences)
... But in order to distinguish it from the Caesarea on the seacoast, he added to it ...
Pangaeus, including the Philippian plain and the seacoast about Neapolis. ...
/p/philippi.htm - 36k

Judaea (45 Occurrences)
... The seacoast also as far north as Ptolemais (`Akka), except Jamnia, Joppa and
(according ... people out of all Judaea and Jerusalem, and from the seacoast of Tyre ...
/j/judaea.htm - 24k

Great (10383 Occurrences)
... He began his march southward along the seacoast of Syria toward Egypt,
a country that had always impressed the Greek imagination. ...
/g/great.htm - 35k

Philistines (224 Occurrences)
... 5. History in the Old Testament until Death of Saul: The Philistines conquered the
"downs" (geliloth, Joel 3:4) near the seacoast, and were so powerful at the ...
/p/philistines.htm - 75k

3882. paralios -- by the sea, the sea coast
... by the sea, the sea coast. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: paralios Phonetic
Spelling: (par-al'-ee-os) Short Definition: on the coast Definition ...
/greek/3882.htm - 6k

123. aigialos -- the seashore
... the seashore. Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine Transliteration: aigialos Phonetic
Spelling: (ahee-ghee-al-os') Short Definition: sea-coast, beach Definition: sea ...
/greek/123.htm - 6k

2658. katantao -- to come down to, reach
... an-tah'-o) Short Definition: I come down, arrive at, reach Definition: (a) I come
down, either from high land to lower (or actually to the sea-coast), or from ...
/greek/2658.htm - 7k

1048. Gaza -- Gaza, a Philistine city
... Feminine Transliteration: Gaza Phonetic Spelling: (gad'-zah) Short Definition: Gaza
Definition: Gaza, an old town in the south of Palestine, on the sea-coast. ...
/greek/1048.htm - 6k

3864. parathalassios -- by the sea
... by the sea. From para and thalassa; along the sea, ie Maritime (lacustrine) --
upon the sea coast. see GREEK para. see GREEK thalassa. ...
/greek/3864.htm - 6k

2609. katago -- to bring down
... Definition: I lead down, bring down Definition: I lead down, bring down, either
from a high place on land or to a lower (or actually to the sea-coast), or from ...
/greek/2609.htm - 7k

Strong's Hebrew
2348. choph -- shore, coast
... << 2347, 2348. choph. 2349 >>. shore, coast. Transliteration: choph Phonetic
Spelling: (khofe) Short Definition: seacoast. Word Origin ...
/hebrew/2348.htm - 6k

2256a. chebel -- cord, territory, band
... 2), line (4), lines (2), measurement (1), measuring line (1), noose (1), portion
(3), portions (2), region (5), rope (1), ropes (7), seacoast* (2), tackle (1). ...
/hebrew/2256a.htm - 5k

3220. yam -- sea
... Word Origin of uncertain derivation Definition sea NASB Word Usage red* (24), sea
(278), seacoast* (5), seas (27), seashore (1), seashore* (9), south (1), west ...
/hebrew/3220.htm - 6k



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