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Terminate (1 Occurrence)

Isaiah 21:16 For so has the Lord said to me, In a year, by the years of a servant working for payment, all the glory of Kedar will come to an end: (See NAS)

Terminate (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (vt) To set a term or limit to; to end; to limit; as,
to terminate a contract. ... Multi-Version Concordance Terminate (1 Occurrence). ...
/t/terminate.htm - 7k

Finish (35 Occurrences)
... 1. (vt) To arrive at the end of; to bring to an end; to put an end to; to make
an end of; to terminate. ... 3. (vi) To come to an end; to terminate. ...
/f/finish.htm - 20k

Expire (14 Occurrences)
... plants expire odors. 3. (vt) To emit; to give out. 4. (vt) To bring to
a close; to terminate. 5. (vi) To emit the breath. 6. (vi ...
/e/expire.htm - 10k

End (3706 Occurrences)
... a Brussels carpet. 7. (vt) To bring to an end or conclusion; to finish;
to close; to terminate; as, to end a speech. 8. (vt) To ...
/e/end.htm - 17k

Break (257 Occurrences)
... 5. (vt) To interrupt; to destroy the continuity of; to dissolve or terminate; as,
to break silence; to break one's sleep; to break one's journey. ...
/b/break.htm - 46k

Limit (115 Occurrences)
... 7. (vt) To apply a limit to, or set a limit for; to terminate, circumscribe, or
restrict, by a limit or limits; as, to limit the acreage of a crop; to limit ...
/l/limit.htm - 36k

Weeks (17 Occurrences)
... of Daniel belongs wholly to the Maccabean age, and does not here contain genuine
prediction, is under the necessity of making the 490 years terminate with the ...
/w/weeks.htm - 16k

Issue (59 Occurrences)
... a capital stock. 17. (vi) To close; to end; to terminate; to turn out; as,
we know not how the cause will issue. 18. (vi) In pleading ...
/i/issue.htm - 29k

Include (7 Occurrences)
... including page twenty-five. 3. (vt) To conclude; to end; to terminate.
Multi-Version Concordance Include (7 Occurrences). 1 Corinthians 15 ...
/i/include.htm - 8k

Termed (1 Occurrence)

/t/termed.htm - 6k

2005. epiteleo -- to complete, accomplish
... From epi and teleo; to fulfill further (or completely), ie Execute; by implication,
to terminate, undergo -- accomplish, do, finish, (make) (perfect), perform ...
/greek/2005.htm - 7k
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (v. t.) To set a term or limit to; to end; to limit; as, to terminate a contract.

2. (v. t.) To put an end to; to make to cease; as, to terminate an effort, or a controversy.

3. (v. t.) Hence, to put the finishing touch to; to bring to completion; to perfect.

4. (v. i.) To be limited in space by a point, line, or surface; to stop short; to end; to cease; as, the torrid zone terminates at the tropics.

5. (v. i.) To come to a limit in time; to end; to close.

Strong's Hebrew
3615. kalah -- to be complete, at an end, finished, accomplished ...
... 1), make an end (1), over (1), perish (1), perishing (1), plotted (1), put an end
(2), ravage (1), settled (1), spend (3), spent (5), terminate (1), use (1 ...
/hebrew/3615.htm - 7k

5605. saphaph -- to stand at or guard the threshold
... A primitive root; properly, to snatch away, ie Terminate; but used only as denominative
from caph (in the sense of a vestibule), to wait at the threshold -- be ...
/hebrew/5605.htm - 6k

5486. suph -- to come to an end, cease
... consume, have an end, perish, be utterly. A primitive root; to snatch away, ie
Terminate -- consume, have an end, perish, X be utterly. << 5485, 5486. ...
/hebrew/5486.htm - 6k

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