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Anti-christ (4 Occurrences)

1 John 2:18 Dear children, the last hour has come; and as you once heard that there was to be an anti-Christ, so even now many anti-Christs have appeared. By this we may know that the last hour has come. (WEY)

1 John 2:22 Who is a liar compared with him who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He who disowns the Father and the Son is the anti-Christ. (WEY)

1 John 4:3 and that no spirit is from God which does not acknowledge this about Jesus. Such is the spirit of the anti-Christ; of whose coming you have heard, and it is already in the world. (WEY)

2 John 1:7 For many deceivers have gone out into the world--men who do not acknowledge Jesus as Christ who has come in human nature. Such a one is 'the deceiver' and 'the anti-Christ.' (WEY)

Antichrist (4 Occurrences)
...ANTICHRIST. an'-ti-krist (antichristos): I. IN THE OLD TESTAMENT II. ... The temptation
is a struggle between the Christ and the Antichrist. ...
/a/antichrist.htm - 26k

Anti-christ (4 Occurrences)
Anti-christ. << Antichrist, Anti-christ. Antichrists >>. Multi-Version Concordance ... <<
Antichrist, Anti-christ. Antichrists >>. Reference Bible.
/a/anti-christ.htm - 7k

Man (26072 Occurrences)
... A designation of Antichrist given in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-10, usually regarded as
descriptive of the Papal power; but "in whomsoever these distinctive features ...
/m/man.htm - 56k

... 13 times, besides 2 Thessalonians 2:9, where it denotes the coming of Anti-christ. ...
there is to be an outburst of diabolic malevolence in the antichrist (1 John ...
/p/parousia.htm - 36k

Sin (782 Occurrences)
... not know" the future), but represents a speculation of the apostle's own, based
on Daniel 8:23;; 11:36;, and on current ideas of Antichrist (see ANTICHRIST...
/s/sin.htm - 82k

Perdition (14 Occurrences)
... The Son of Perdition is a name given to Judas (John 17:12) and to the Antichrist
(2 Thessalonians 2:3). This is the well-known Hebrew idiom by which a person ...
/p/perdition.htm - 14k

Belial (23 Occurrences)
... Afterward, however, "Belial" became a proper name for Satan, or for Antichrist
(thus frequently in the Jewish Apocalyptic writings, eg in XII the Priestly Code ...
/b/belial.htm - 16k

Antichrists (1 Occurrence)
... 1 John 2:18 Little children, these are the end times, and as you heard that the
Antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have arisen. ...
/a/antichrists.htm - 6k

Acknowledge (61 Occurrences)
... about Jesus. Such is the spirit of the anti-Christ; of whose coming you
have heard, and it is already in the world. (WEY NIV). 2 ...
/a/acknowledge.htm - 26k

Confess (65 Occurrences)
... 1 John 4:3 and every spirit who doesn't confess that Jesus Christ has come in the
flesh is not of God, and this is the spirit of the Antichrist, of whom you ...
/c/confess.htm - 26k

500. antichristos -- antichrist, (one who opposes Christ)
... antichrist, (one who opposes Christ). Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine Transliteration:
antichristos Phonetic Spelling: (an-tee'-khris-tos) Short Definition ...
/greek/500.htm - 7k

1136. Gog -- Gog, associated with Magog
... Gog. Of Hebrew origin (Gowg); Gog, a symbolic name for some future Antichrist --
Gog. see HEBREW Gowg. (gog) -- 1 Occurrence. << 1135, 1136. Gog. 1137 >>. ...
/greek/1136.htm - 6k

1238. diadema -- a diadem, a crown
... used three times in the NT -- referring to: a) the pagan empires of ancient history
which God (Rev 12:3); b) the end-times coalition led by Antichrist (Rev 13:1 ...
/greek/1238.htm - 7k

4932. suntemno -- to cut in pieces
... This refers to God accomplishing His plan for the nation (land) of Israel
and its people -- for Antichrist has to ravage the Jews. ...
/greek/4932.htm - 7k

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