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Apparently (3 Occurrences)

1 Corinthians 12:22 No, it is quite otherwise. Even those parts of the body which are apparently somewhat feeble are yet indispensable; (WEY)

Philippians 2:27 For it is true that he has been ill, and was apparently at the point of death; but God had pity on him, and not only on him, but also on me, to save me from having sorrow upon sorrow. (WEY)

Numbers 12:8 With him will I speak mouth to mouth, even apparently, and not in dark speeches; and the similitude of the LORD shall he behold: wherefore then were ye not afraid to speak against my servant Moses? (KJV WBS)

Apparently (3 Occurrences)
... 2. (adv.) Plainly; clearly; manifestly; evidently. 3. (adv.) Seemingly; in appearance;
as, a man may be apparently friendly, yet malicious in heart. ...APPARENTLY. ...
/a/apparently.htm - 8k

... (which see). Hammurabi was apparently not of Babylonian origin, the so-called "Dynasty
of Babylon," to which he belonged, having probably come from the West. ...
/h/hammurabi.htm - 47k

Kittim (8 Occurrences)
... kit'-im (kittim, Isaiah 23:12 Jeremiah 2:10; kittiyim, apparently plural of kitti
(not found, but compare (4) below); Ketioi, Kitioi, Ketieim, Jeremiah 2:10 ...
/k/kittim.htm - 15k

Tirhakah (2 Occurrences)
... bani-pal). 2. Origin and Length of Reign: Tirhakah was one of the sons,
and apparently the favorite, of Piankhy II. He left his ...
/t/tirhakah.htm - 11k

Tomb (70 Occurrences)
... The present tomb, which, apparently, is not older than the 15th century, is built
in the style of the small-domed buildings raised by Moslems in honor of their ...
/t/tomb.htm - 31k

Rachel's (5 Occurrences)
... The present tomb, which, apparently, is not older than the 15th century, is built
in the style of the small-domed buildings raised by Moslems in honor of their ...
/r/rachel's.htm - 11k

Raddai (1 Occurrence)
... The present tomb, which, apparently, is not older than the 15th century, is built
in the style of the small-domed buildings raised by Moslems in honor of their ...
/r/raddai.htm - 10k

Migdol (6 Occurrences)
... 1. Exodus 14:2; Numbers 33:7: In Exodus 14:2 Numbers 33:7, the Hebrew camp, on the
march from Etham after they had "turned" (apparently to the South), is ...
/m/migdol.htm - 12k

Chedorlaomer (5 Occurrences)
... saggil were inundated. He, however, was apparently murdered by his son,
and old and young (were slain) with the sword. Then came ...
/c/chedorlaomer.htm - 16k

Halah (4 Occurrences)
... Equally unsuitable, also, is (5) the Chalonitis of Pliny and Strabo, Northeast of
Assyria, notwithstanding that this was apparently called Halah by the Syrians ...
/h/halah.htm - 10k

5022. tauros -- a bull
... word Definition a bull NASB Word Usage bulls (2), oxen (2). bull, ox. Apparently
a primary word (compare towr, "steer"); a bullock -- bull, ox. see HEBREW towr. ...
/greek/5022.htm - 6k

4630. Skeuas -- Sceva, a Jewish chief priest
... Sceva. Apparently of Latin origin; left-handed; Scevas (ie Scoevus), an Israelite --
Sceva. (skeua) -- 1 Occurrence. << 4629, 4630. Skeuas. 4631 >>. ...
/greek/4630.htm - 6k

4488. Rhesa -- Rhesa, an Israelite
... NASB Word Usage Rhesa (1). Rhesa. Probably of Hebrew origin (apparently for Rphayah);
Resa (ie Rephajah), an Israelite -- Rhesa. see HEBREW Rphayah. ...
/greek/4488.htm - 6k

4456. poroo -- to petrify, ie to harden
... harden, blind. Apparently from poros (a kind of stone); to petrify, ie (figuratively)
to indurate (render stupid or callous) -- blind, harden. ...
/greek/4456.htm - 7k

4595. sepo -- to make corrupt, pass. become corrupt
... be corrupted, perish. Apparently a primary verb; to putrefy, ie (figuratively) perish --
be corrupted. (sesepen) -- 1 Occurrence. << 4594, 4595. sepo. 4596 >>. ...
/greek/4595.htm - 6k

4597. ses -- a moth
... word Definition a moth NASB Word Usage moth (3). moth. Apparently of Hebrew origin
(cac); a moth -- moth. see HEBREW cac. (ses) -- 6 Occurrences. << 4596, 4597. ...
/greek/4597.htm - 6k

67. Agrippas -- Agrippa, the name of two descendant of Herod the ...
... Agrippa. Apparently from agrios and hippos; wild-horse tamer; Agrippas, one
of the Herods -- Agrippa. see GREEK agrios. see GREEK hippos. ...
/greek/67.htm - 6k

4689. spendo -- to pour out (as a drink offering), to make a ...
... Apparently a primary verb; to pour out as a libation, ie (figuratively) to devote
(one's life or blood, as a sacrifice) ("spend") -- (be ready to) be offered. ...
/greek/4689.htm - 7k

4454. polos -- a foal
... colt. Apparently a primary word; a "foal" or "filly", ie (specially), a young ass --
colt. (polon) -- 12 Occurrences. << 4453, 4454. polos. 4455 >>. ...
/greek/4454.htm - 6k

4444. purgos -- a tower
... word Definition a tower NASB Word Usage tower (4). tower. Apparently a primary word
("burgh"); a tower or castle -- tower. (purgon) -- 3 Occurrences. ...
/greek/4444.htm - 6k

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

a-par'-ent-li (mar'eh, the Revised Version (British and American) "manifestly," signifying in the only place so translated (Numbers 12:8) "in the form of seeing" (Keil and Delitzsch), i.e. "an appearance," "a similitude," a manifestation of the invisible God in human form): This is the Old Testament manner of Divine revelation "in the person and form of the angel of Yahweh": "In the bush I did manifestly reveal myself, and talked with Moses" (2 Esdras 14:3). God talked with Moses openly, without figure, in a direct manner revealing to him His will in the clear distinctness of a spiritual communication: "With him will I speak mouth to mouth, even manifestly, and not in dark speeches; and the form of Yahweh shall he behold."

M. O. Evans

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (adv.) Visibly.

2. (adv.) Plainly; clearly; manifestly; evidently.

3. (adv.) Seemingly; in appearance; as, a man may be apparently friendly, yet malicious in heart.

Strong's Hebrew
5161. Nechelami -- descriptive title for a false prophet
... Apparently a patronymic from an unused name (apparently passive participle of chalam);
dreamed; a Nechelamite, or descendant of Nechlam -- Nehelamite. ...
/hebrew/5161.htm - 6k

3864. Lubim -- inhab. of N. Africa
... of N. Africa NASB Word Usage Libya (1), Libyans (1), Lubim (3). A dry region;
apparently a Libyan or inhabitant of interior Africa. Or Lubbiy (Dan. ...
/hebrew/3864.htm - 6k

4758. mareh -- sight, appearance, vision
... who looked (1). apparently, appearance, beautifully, countenance, fair, favored,
form, goodly,. From ra'ah; a view (the act of seeing ...
/hebrew/4758.htm - 6k

5845. atin -- probably a pail, bucket
... breast. From an unused root meaning apparently to contain; a receptacle (for milk,
ie Pail; figuratively, breast) -- breast. << 5844b, 5845. atin. 5846 >>. ...
/hebrew/5845.htm - 6k

4413. Mallothi -- a son of Heman
... Mallothi. Apparently from malal; I have talked (ie Loquacious) -- Mallothi, an
Israelite -- Mallothi. see HEBREW malal. << 4412, 4413. Mallothi. 4414 >>. ...
/hebrew/4413.htm - 6k

5780. Uts -- a son of Aram, also a son of Nahor, also an Edomite ...
... NASB Word Usage Uz (8). Uz. Apparently from uwts; consultation; Uts, a son of Aram,
also a Seirite, and the regions settled by them. -- Uz. see HEBREW uwts. ...
/hebrew/5780.htm - 6k

6372. Pinechas -- three Israelites
... Phinehas. Apparently from peh and a variation of nachash; mouth of a serpent; Pinechas,
the name of three Israelites -- Phinehas. see HEBREW peh. ...
/hebrew/6372.htm - 6k

8038. Shemeber -- "name of pinion," king of Zeboiim
... Shemeber. Apparently from shem and 'eber; name of pinion, ie Illustrious; Shemeber,
a king of Zeboim -- Shemeber. see HEBREW shem. see HEBREW 'eber. << 8037, 8038 ...
/hebrew/8038.htm - 6k

4677. Metsobayah -- descriptive title for one of David's men
... Mesobaite. Apparently from matsa' and Yahh; found of Jah; Metsobajah, a place in
Palestine -- Mesobaite. see HEBREW matsa'. see HEBREW Yahh. << 4676, 4677. ...
/hebrew/4677.htm - 6k

519. amah -- a maid, handmaid
... handmaid, bondwoman, maidservant. Apparently a primitive word; a maid-servant or
female slave -- (hand-)bondmaid(-woman), maid(-servant). << 518, 519. ...
/hebrew/519.htm - 6k



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