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Deity (3 Occurrences)

Acts 17:29 Being then the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Divine Nature is like gold, or silver, or stone, engraved by art and design of man. (See RSV)

Romans 1:20 For the invisible things of him since the creation of the world are clearly seen, being perceived through the things that are made, even his everlasting power and divinity; that they may be without excuse. (See RSV)

Colossians 2:9 For in him all the fullness of the Godhead dwells bodily, (See NAS RSV NIV)

Deity (3 Occurrences)
... 2. (n.) The collection of attributes which make up the nature of a god; divinity;
godhead; as, the deity of the Supreme Being is seen in his works. ...
/d/deity.htm - 7k

Abi (2 Occurrences)
... genitive. Further still, it is claimed that either the word father or the
word king may, in a name, be a designation of a deity. ...
/a/abi.htm - 12k

Godhead (5 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary. 1. (n.) Godship; deity; divinity; divine nature or
essence; godhood. 2. (n.) The Deity; God; the Supreme Being. ...
/g/godhead.htm - 22k

... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) The representation of the Deity, or of a polytheistic
deity, under a human form, or with human attributes and affections. ...
/a/anthropomorphism.htm - 20k

Tammuz (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary. 1. (n.) A deity among the ancient Syrians, in honor
of whom the Hebrew idolatresses held an annual lamentation. ...
/t/tammuz.htm - 10k

Assur (2 Occurrences)
... Assur, the local deity of the place, became the national god of Assyria.
It is uncertain whether the deity gave the name to the ...
/a/assur.htm - 13k

Asshur (133 Occurrences)
... Assur, the local deity of the place, became the national god of Assyria.
It is uncertain whether the deity gave the name to the ...
/a/asshur.htm - 46k

Ashtoreth (3 Occurrences)
... The moon goddess of the Phoenicians, representing the passive principle in nature,
their principal female deity; frequently associated with the name of Baal ...
/a/ashtoreth.htm - 14k

... Assur, the local deity of the place, became the national god of Assyria.
It is uncertain whether the deity gave the name to the ...
/s/sherghat.htm - 12k

Golden (86 Occurrences)
... one passage (Amos 8:14) though it was a chief center of the bull worship (1 Kings
12:30)-may be due to the fact that the worship of the female deity was the ...
/g/golden.htm - 66k

2320. theotes -- deity
... deity. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: theotes Phonetic Spelling:
(theh-ot'-ace) Short Definition: deity, Godhead Definition: deity, Godhead. ...
/greek/2320.htm - 7k

896. Baal -- Baal, a Canaanite deity
... Baal, a Canaanite deity. Part of Speech: Proper Noun, Indeclinable Transliteration:
Baal Phonetic Spelling: (bah'-al) Short Definition: Baal Definition: Baal ...
/greek/896.htm - 6k

1175. deisidaimonia -- a religion, superstition
... Cognate: 1175 (akin to 1174 , see there) -- properly, dread of a pagan deity "inspiring"
a "token show of respect" (religious gesture) -- especially religious ...
/greek/1175.htm - 7k

1140. daimonion -- an evil spirit, a demon
... Transliteration: daimonion Phonetic Spelling: (dahee-mon'-ee-on) Short Definition:
an evil-spirit, demon Definition: an evil-spirit, demon; a heathen deity. ...
/greek/1140.htm - 7k

2435. hilasterion -- propitiatory
... Phonetic Spelling: (hil-as-tay'-ree-on) Short Definition: a sin offering, covering
Definition: (a) a sin offering, by which the wrath of the deity shall be ...
/greek/2435.htm - 7k

2413. hieros -- sacred, a sacred thing, a temple
... 2413 (an adjective) -- properly, (because associated with God's , ); consecrated
to deity and therefore "," ie because acceptable for God's service. ...
/greek/2413.htm - 6k

697. Areios Pagos -- "the Hill of Ares," Areopagus, a hill in ...
... Areopagus, Mars' Hill. From Ares (the name of the Greek deity of war) and a derivative
of pegnumi; rock of Ares, a place in Athens -- Areopagus, Mars' Hill. ...
/greek/697.htm - 6k

2203. Zeus -- Zeus, the greatest of the pagan Gk. gods
... instead of it a (probably cognate) name; Dis (deece), which is otherwise obsolete;
Zeus or Dis (among the Latins, Jupiter or Jove), the supreme deity of the ...
/greek/2203.htm - 6k

624. Apollonia -- Apollonia, a city in Macedonia
... Apollonia. From the pagan deity Apollon (ie The sun; from apollumi); Apollonia,
a place in Macedonia -- Apollonia. see GREEK apollumi. ...
/greek/624.htm - 6k

2299. thea -- a goddess
... of theos Definition a goddess NASB Word Usage goddess (2). goddess. Feminine of
theos; a female deity -- goddess. see GREEK theos. (theas) -- 1 Occurrence. ...
/greek/2299.htm - 6k

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) A god, goddess or Supreme Being.

2. (n.) The collection of attributes which make up the nature of a god; divinity; godhead; as, the deity of the Supreme Being is seen in his works.

Strong's Hebrew
1286. Berith -- a Shechemite deity.
... << 1285, 1286. Berith. 1287 >>. a Shechemite deity. Transliteration ... Berith. Word
Origin short. form of Baal Definition a Shechemite deity. Berith ...
/hebrew/1286.htm - 5k

1078. Bel -- a chief Bab. deity
... a chief Bab. deity. Transliteration: Bel Phonetic Spelling: (bale) Short Definition:
Bel. ... form of Baal Definition a chief Bab. deity NASB Word Usage Bel (3). Bel ...
/hebrew/1078.htm - 6k

1408. Gad -- "fortune," a Bab. god.
... god. Fortune, a Babylonian deity A variation of gad; Fortune, a Babylonian deity --
that troop. see HEBREW gad. << 1407, 1408. Gad. 1409 >>. Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/1408.htm - 5k

433. eloah -- God, god
... God, god. Probably prolonged (emphat.) From 'el; a deity or the Deity -- God, god.
See 'elohiym. see HEBREW 'el. see HEBREW 'elohiym. << 432, 433. eloah. 434 >> ...
/hebrew/433.htm - 6k

1168. Ba'al -- a heathen god
... Baal, plural Baalim The same as ba'al; Baal, a Phoenician deity -- Baal, (plural)
Baalim. see HEBREW ba'al. << 1167, 1168. Ba'al. 1168a >>. Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/1168.htm - 5k

4432. Molek -- a heathen god to whom Isr. sacrificed children
... sacrificed children NASB Word Usage Molech (8). Molech. From malak; Molek (ie King),
the chief deity of the Ammonites -- Molech. Compare Malkam. ...
/hebrew/4432.htm - 6k

6465. Peor -- a mountain in Moab, also a god worshiped there
... Peor. From pa'ar; a gap; Peor, a mountain East of Jordan; also (for Ba'al p'owr)
a deity worshipped there -- Peor. See also Beyth p'owr. see HEBREW pa'ar. ...
/hebrew/6465.htm - 6k

1712. Dagon -- a god and an idol of the Philistines
... 1). Dagon. From dag; the fish-god; Dagon, a Philistine deity -- Dagon. see
HEBREW dag. << 1711, 1712. Dagon. 1713 >>. Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/1712.htm - 6k

5370. Nergal -- a heathen god
... Word Origin of foreign origin Definition a heathen god NASB Word Usage Nergal (1).
Nergal. Of foreign origin; Nergal, a Cuthite deity -- Nergal. << 5369, 5370. ...
/hebrew/5370.htm - 5k

1187. Baal Peor -- "Baal of Peor," a Moabite god
... Baal-peor. From Ba'al and p'owr; Baal of Peor; Baal-Peor, a Moabitish deity --
Baal-peor. see HEBREW Ba'al. see HEBREW p'owr. << 1186, 1187. Baal Peor. 1188 >>. ...
/hebrew/1187.htm - 6k



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