1259. diallassó
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diallassó: change, exchange
Original Word: διαλλάσσομαι
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: diallassó
Phonetic Spelling: (dee-al-las'-so)
Short Definition: I become reconciled to, reconcile myself with
Definition: I change, exchange; I reconcile, change enmity for friendship.

HELPS word-Studies

1259 diallássō (from 1223 /diá, "thoroughly," intensifying 236 /allássō, "experience change") – properly, to reconcile (reach mutual concession), i.e. where people in conflict come together through meaningful change (used only in Mt 5:24).

1259 /diallássō ("be reconciled") ends needless hostility – an idea absent from 2644 /katallássō (so J. B. Lightfoot, Notes, 288).

[1259 (diallássō) sometimes appears as 1259 (diallássō).]

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from dia and allassó
change, exchange
NASB Translation
reconciled (1).

STRONGS NT 1259: διαλλάσσω

διαλλάσσω: 2 aorist passive διηλλαγην; (see διά, C. 6);

1. to change: τί ἀντί τίνος (cf. Winer's Grammar, 206 (194)).

2. to change the mind of anyone, to reconcile (so from (Aeschylus) Thucydides down): τινα τίνι. Passive to be reconciled, τίνι, to renew friendship with one: Matthew 5:24; (1 Samuel 29:4; 1 Esdr. 4:31). See Fritzsche's learned discussion of this word in his Commentary on Romans, vol. i., p. 276ff (in opposed to Tittmann's view that it implies mutual enmity; see καταλλάσσω, at the end); cf. Winer's De verb. comp. etc. Part v., pp. 7, 10; (Tholuck, Bergrede Christi, p. 171 (on Matthew 5:24)).


From dia and allasso; to change thoroughly, i.e. (mentally) to conciliate -- reconcile.

see GREEK dia

see GREEK allasso

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