1819. damah
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damah: to be like, resemble
Original Word: דָּמָה
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: damah
Phonetic Spelling: (daw-maw')
Short Definition: like

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to be like, resemble
NASB Translation
alike (1), compare (3), compared (1), equal (1), gave parables (1), imagine (1), intend (1), intended (2), like (9), liken (3), make myself like (1), plan (1), planned (1), resemble (1), thought (2).

I. דָּמָה verb be like, resemble (Late Hebrew id., Aramaic דְּמֵי, דְּמָא, ; compare דמין, price, Nabataean דמי id. (Nö in EutNab. Inscr. p. 35); also , and likeness (whence Arabic image, effigy, as loan-word Frä272) compare דְּמוּת) —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular ׳ד Ezekiel 31:8; Psalm 144:4; 3feminine singular דָּֽמְתָה Cant 7:8; 2 masculine singular דָּמִיתָ Ezekiel 31:2,18; 1singular דָּמִיתִי Psalm 102:7; 3plural דָּמוּ Ezekiel 31:8; 1plural דָּמִינוּ Isaiah 1:9; Imperfect3masculine singular יִדְמֶה Psalm 89:7; 1plural וְנִדְמֶה consecutive Isaiah 46:5; Imperative masculine singular דְּמֵה Songs 2:17; Songs 8:14; Participle דּוֺמֶה Songs 2:9; — be like, resemble, of external appearance, followed by לְ, Cant 7:8; Song 2:9,17; 8:14; followed by אֶלֿ Ezekiel 31:8 (twice in verse); Ezekiel 31:18 (all of tree, figurative of Pharaoh); of condition or quality followed by לְ Isaiah 1:9; Psalm 102:7; Psalm 144:4; so מִי ֗֗֗ יִדְמֶה ליהוה Psalm 89:7; also absolute Isaiah 46:5; followed by אֶל Ezekiel 31:2.

Pi`el Perfect דִּמָּה 2 Samuel 21:5, דִּמִּיתָ Psalm 50:21; דִּמִּיתִי Numbers 33:56; Isaiah 14:24; suffix דִּמִּיתִיךָ Songs 1:9, דִּמּוּ 2 Samuel 21:5; Imperfect יְדַמֶּה Isaiah 10:7; 2feminine singular תְּדַמִּי Esther 4:13 (jussive); אֲדַמֶּה Lamentations 2:13; Hosea 12:11; 2masculine plural תְּדַמְּיוּן Isaiah 40:18; suffix תְּדַמְּיוּנִי Isaiah 40:25; Isaiah 46:5; — liken, compare; imagine, think, devise; —

1 liken, i.e. consider to be like, compare, causative of

Qal followed by לְ of external appearance Songs 1:9; of quality or condition Isaiah 46:5 (object ׳י) Lamentations 2:13; followed by אֶל of external appearance Isaiah 40:18,25 (both object God in reference to idols); absolute use comparisons or similitudes (parables, symbols, etc.) Hosea 12:11 (subject ׳י).

2 imagine, form an idea, devise 2 Samuel 21:5 (on context compare Dr); think, intend, followed by Infinitive Numbers 33:56 (J or H) Judges 20:5; Esther 4:13; absolute Isaiah 10:7; compare Isaiah 14:24; think that, followed by object clause (Imperfect without conjunction) Psalm 50:21; think of, followed by accusative Psalm 48:10. Hithpa`el make oneself or become like; Imperfect אֶדַּמֶּה לְעֶלְיוֺן Isaiah 14:14 I will make myself like the Most High (on form compare Ges§ 54. 2).

[דְּמָה] verb be like (Biblical Hebrew I. דָּמָה); —

Pe`al Participle active דָּמֵה Daniel 3:25 (ל person); feminine דָּֽמְיָה Daniel 7:5 (לְדֹב).

compare, devise, liken, mean, think, use similitudes

A primitive root; to compare; by implication, to resemble, liken, consider -- compare, devise, (be) like(-n), mean, think, use similitudes.

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