3843. lebenah
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lebenah: brick, tile
Original Word: לְבֵנִים
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: lebenah
Phonetic Spelling: (leb-ay-naw')
Short Definition: bricks

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from laben
brick, tile
NASB Translation
brick (2), bricks (7), pavement (1).

לְבֵנָה noun feminine brick, tile (Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic לְּבִינְתָּא ; Zinjirli לבן (?) DHMSendsch.37. 59; Assyrian libittu; Arabic , , , , (loan-words according to Frä4f.); according to Thes and most from whiteness of clay, or light colour of sun-baked bricks; so NöZMG xi,1886,735 LagBN 139; > others regard as Assyrian loan-word VOJi. 22ff.; in Assyrian a derivative from labânu, throw down, prostrate, is sought DlPr. 93f.(compare HWB 369)); — ׳ל Genesis 11:3; Ezekiel 4:1; construct לִבְנַת Exodus 24:10; plural לְבֵנִים Genesis 11:3 7t.; suffix מִלִּבְנֵיכֶם Exodus 5:19; —

1 brick, as building-material, Genesis 11:3 (singular collective; elsewhere plural) Genesis 11:3; Exodus 1:14; straw used in making Exodus 5:7, compare Exodus 5:8; Exodus 5:16; Exodus 5:18; Exodus 5:19; Isaiah 9:9 (figurative; as inferior to גָּזִית hewn stone); incense burnt on Isaiah 65:3 ( = roof-tiles ? compare Che Di).

2 = tile, on which plan of city could be engraved (חקק) Ezekiel 4:1.

3 = pavement, Exodus 24:10 (compare Di).

altar of brick, tile

From laban; a brick (from the whiteness of the clay) -- (altar of) brick, tile.

see HEBREW laban

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