5801. izzabon
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izzabon: wares
Original Word: עִזָּבוֹן
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: izzabon
Phonetic Spelling: (iz-zaw-bone')
Short Definition: wares

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from azab
NASB Translation
wares (7).

[עִזָּבוֺן] noun [masculine] only plural wares (as left in the purchaser's hand; compare Assyrian uzub(b)u, a specific payment); — suffix 2 feminine singular עִזְּבוֺנַיִךְ Ezekiel 27:27,33, נָ֑יִךְ- Ezekiel 27:12 4t.; — wares, only Ezekiel 27 (often "" מַעֲרָב q. v. below ערב); ׳בַּרְזֶל בְּדִיל וְעוֺפֶרֶת נָָֽתְנוּ ע Ezekiel 27:12 iron, tin and lead they furnished as thy wares; similarly Ezekiel 27:14; Ezekiel 27:22; also Ezekiel 27:16 (ᵑ0 ׳בְּע, but probably delבְּ); נָָֽתְנוּ ׳בְּע Ezekiel 27:19 at the price of (in exchange for) thy wares they furnished, etc.; ׳הוֺנֵךְ וְע (as subject of sentence) Ezekiel 27:27; בְּצֵאת מִיַּמִּים ׳ע Ezekiel 27:33 when thy wares came forth, etc.

fair, ware

From azab in the sense of letting go (for a price, i.e. Selling); trade, i.e. The place (mart) or the payment (revenue) -- fair, ware.

see HEBREW azab

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