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Jegar-saha-dutha (1 Occurrence)

Genesis 31:47 And Laban called it Jegar-saha-dutha: but Jacob called it Galeed. (ASV)

Jegarsahadutha (1 Occurrence)
... qv). Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. JEGAR-SAHA-DUTHA. je ... witness.".
Multi-Version Concordance Jegarsahadutha (1 Occurrence). Genesis ...
/j/jegarsahadutha.htm - 7k

Jegar-saha-dutha (1 Occurrence)
Jegar-saha-dutha. << Je'gar-sahadu'tha, Jegar-saha-dutha. Jehaleleel >>.
Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia JEGAR-SAHA-DUTHA. ...
/j/jegar-saha-dutha.htm - 7k

Jegar-sahadutha (1 Occurrence)
Jegar-sahadutha. << Jegarsahadutha, Jegar-sahadutha. Je'gar-sahadu'tha >>. Easton's
Bible Dictionary ... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. JEGAR-SAHA-DUTHA. ...
/j/jegar-sahadutha.htm - 7k

Jehaleleel (1 Occurrence)

/j/jehaleleel.htm - 7k

Je'gar-sahadu'tha (1 Occurrence)
Je'gar-sahadu'tha. << Jegar-sahadutha, Je'gar-sahadu'tha. Jegar-saha-dutha >>. ... (See
RSV). << Jegar-sahadutha, Je'gar-sahadu'tha. Jegar-saha-dutha >>. Reference Bible
/j/je&#39;gar-sahadu&#39;tha.htm - 6k

Jegar (1 Occurrence)

/j/jegar.htm - 6k

Laban (52 Occurrences)
... Jacob's mother-tongue; for "the heap of witness," erected by uncle and nephew before
they part (Genesis 31:47), is called by the one Jegar-saha-dutha and by ...
/l/laban.htm - 28k

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

je-gar-sa-ha-du'-tha (yeghar sahadhutha'; Septuagint Bounos marturei, "(the) mound witnesses"): The name given by the Aramean, Laban, to the "cairn of witness," called by Jacob GALEED (which see) (Genesis 31:47). The rest of the second part of this name appears again in Job 16:19, where sahadhi, should be rendered with the Revised Version (British and American), "he that voucheth for me," i.e. "my witness."

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