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Lock (6 Occurrences)

Matthew 23:13 "But alas for you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, for you lock the door of the Kingdom of the Heavens against men; you yourselves do not enter, nor do you allow those to enter who are seeking to do so. (WEY)

Acts 26:10 This I also did in Jerusalem. I both shut up many of the saints in prisons, having received authority from the chief priests, and when they were put to death I gave my vote against them. (See NAS)

2 Samuel 13:17 Then he gave a cry to the servant who was waiting on him and said, Put this woman out, and let the door be locked after her. (Root in BBE NAS)

Song of Songs 5:5 I rose up to open for my beloved. My hands dripped with myrrh, my fingers with liquid myrrh, on the handles of the lock. (WEB KJV BBE DBY WBS YLT NIV)

Ezekiel 8:3 He put forth the form of a hand, and took me by a lock of my head; and the Spirit lifted me up between earth and the sky, and brought me in the visions of God to Jerusalem, to the door of the gate of the inner court that looks toward the north; where there was the seat of the image of jealousy, which provokes to jealousy. (WEB KJV JPS ASV DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV)

Ezekiel 44:20 Neither shall they shave their heads, nor allow their locks to grow long; they shall only cut off the hair of their heads. (Root in WEB KJV JPS ASV DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV)

Lock (6 Occurrences)
... (see KEY.). Lock of hair (Judges 16:13, 19; Ezek. 8:3; Numbers 6:5, etc.). ... 4.
(n.) A place from which egress is prevented, as by a lock. ...
/l/lock.htm - 11k

Key (8 Occurrences)
... 1. (n.) An instrument by means of which the bolt of a lock is shot or drawn; usually,
a removable metal instrument fitted to the mechanism of a particular lock...
/k/key.htm - 14k

Located (5 Occurrences)
... Ezekiel 8:3 And He putteth forth a form of a hand, and taketh me by a lock of my
head, and lift me up doth a spirit between the earth and the heavens, and it ...
/l/located.htm - 8k

Locked (19 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (imp. & pp) of Lock. Multi-Version Concordance
Locked (19 Occurrences). Luke 3:20 added this also to them ...
/l/locked.htm - 11k

Gate (248 Occurrences)
... or of exit. 3. (n.) A door, valve, or other device, for stopping the passage
of water through a dam, lock, pipe, etc. 4. (n.) The ...
/g/gate.htm - 63k

Ward (27 Occurrences)
... 11. (n.) A projecting ridge of metal in the interior of a lock, to prevent the use
of any key which has not a corresponding notch for passing it. 12. ...
/w/ward.htm - 19k

Door (249 Occurrences)
... It turned on pivots (the "hinges" of Proverbs 26:14) working in sockets above and
below, and was provided with a bolt (2 Samuel 13:17) or with lock and key ...
/d/door.htm - 40k

Stump (7 Occurrences)
... 6. (n.) A pin in a tumbler lock which forms an obstruction to throwing the bolt,
except when the gates of the tumblers are properly arranged, as by the key; a ...
/s/stump.htm - 10k

House (20110 Occurrences)
... STONE-BUILT AND MUD/bRICK-BUILT HOUSES 1. Details of Plan and Construction (1)
Corner-Stone (2) Floor (3) Gutter (4) Door (5) Hinge (6) Lock and Key (7 ...
/h/house.htm - 39k

Knob (4 Occurrences)
... 2. (n.) A knoblike ornament or handle; as, the knob of a lock, door, or drawer.
3. (n.) A rounded hill or mountain; as, the Pilot Knob. 4. (n.) See Knop. ...
/k/knob.htm - 8k

2623. katakleio -- to shut up
... shut up, confine. Word Origin from kata and kleio Definition to shut up
NASB Word Usage lock (1), locked (1). shut up. From kata ...
/greek/2623.htm - 6k

2807. kleis -- a key
... key. From kleio; a key (as shutting a lock), literally or figuratively -- key. see
GREEK kleio. (kleida) -- 1 Occurrence. (kleidas) -- 1 Occurrence. ...
/greek/2807.htm - 6k

Smith's Bible Dictionary

Where European locks have not been introduced, the locks of eastern houses are usually of wood, and consist of a partly hollow bolt from fourteen inches to two feet long for external doors or gates, or from seven to nine inches for interior doors. The bold passes through a groove in a piece attached to the door into a socket in the door-post.

Easton's Bible Dictionary
The Hebrews usually secured their doors by bars of wood or iron (Isaiah 45:2; 1 Kings 4:3). These were the locks originally used, and were opened and shut by large keys applied through an opening in the outside (Judges 3:24). (see KEY.)

Lock of hair (Judges 16:13, 19; Ezek. 8:3; Numbers 6:5, etc.).

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) A tuft of hair; a flock or small quantity of wool, hay, or other like substance; a tress or ringlet of hair.

2. (n.) Anything that fastens; specifically, a fastening, as for a door, a lid, a trunk, a drawer, and the like, in which a bolt is moved by a key so as to hold or to release the thing fastened.

3. (n.) A fastening together or interlacing; a closing of one thing upon another; a state of being fixed or immovable.

4. (n.) A place from which egress is prevented, as by a lock.

5. (n.) The barrier or works which confine the water of a stream or canal.

6. (n.) An enclosure in a canal with gates at each end, used in raising or lowering boats as they pass from one level to another; -- called also lift lock.

7. (n.) That part or apparatus of a firearm by which the charge is exploded; as, a matchlock, flintlock, percussion lock, etc.

8. (n.) A device for keeping a wheel from turning.

9. (n.) A grapple in wrestling.

10. (v. t.) To fasten with a lock, or as with a lock; to make fast; to prevent free movement of; as, to lock a door, a carriage wheel, a river, etc.

11. (v. t.) To prevent ingress or access to, or exit from, by fastening the lock or locks of; -- often with up; as, to lock or lock up, a house, jail, room, trunk. etc.

12. (v. t.) To fasten in or out, or to make secure by means of, or as with, locks; to confine, or to shut in or out -- often with up; as, to lock one's self in a room; to lock up the prisoners; to lock up one's silver; to lock intruders out of the house; to lock money into a vault; to lock a child in one's arms; to lock a secret in one's breast.

13. (v. t.) To link together; to clasp closely; as, to lock arms.

14. (v. t.) To furnish with locks; also, to raise or lower (a boat) in a lock.

15. (v. t.) To seize, as the sword arm of an antagonist, by turning the left arm around it, to disarm him.

16. (v. i.) To become fast, as by means of a lock or by interlacing; as, the door locks close.

Strong's Hebrew
6734. tsitsith -- a tassel, lock
... << 6733, 6734. tsitsith. 6735 >>. a tassel, lock. Transliteration: tsitsith Phonetic
Spelling: (tsee-tseeth') Short Definition: tassel. ... fringe, lock. ...
/hebrew/6734.htm - 6k

5274. na'al -- to bar, bolt, lock
... << 5273b, 5274. na'al. 5274a >>. to bar, bolt, lock. Transliteration: na'al Phonetic
Spelling: (naw-al') Short Definition: bolt. bolt, enclose, lock, shoe, shut ...
/hebrew/5274.htm - 5k

5274a. naal -- to bar, bolt, lock
... naal. 5274b >>. to bar, bolt, lock. Transliteration: naal Short Definition: locked. ...
root Definition to bar, bolt, lock NASB Word Usage lock (1), locked (5). ...
/hebrew/5274a.htm - 5k

7298b. rahat -- perhaps lock (of hair)
... << 7298a, 7298b. rahat. 7299 >>. perhaps lock (of hair). Transliteration:
rahat Short Definition: tresses. Word Origin from an unused ...
/hebrew/7298b.htm - 5k

4514. manul -- a bolt
... Word Origin from naal Definition a bolt NASB Word Usage bolt (1), bolts (5). lock.
Or maniul {man-ool'}; from na'al; a bolt -- lock. see HEBREW na'al. ...
/hebrew/4514.htm - 6k

6977. qevutstsoth -- locks (of hair)
... lock. Feminine passive participle of quwts in its original sense; a forelock (as
shorn) -- lock. see HEBREW quwts. << 6976, 6977. qevutstsoth. 6978 >>. ...
/hebrew/6977.htm - 6k

4253. machalaphah -- a plait (of hair)
... lock. From chalaph; a ringlet of hair (as gliding over each other) -- lock. see
HEBREW chalaph. << 4252, 4253. machalaphah. 4254 >>. Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/4253.htm - 6k

6653. tsebathim -- bundles (of grain)
... handful. From an unused root apparently meaning to grip; a lock of stalks --
handful. << 6652, 6653. tsebathim. 6654 >>. Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/6653.htm - 5k



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