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Magnificent (9 Occurrences)

Mark 13:1 As he went out of the temple, one of his disciples said to him, "Teacher, see what kind of stones and what kind of buildings!" (See NIV)

2 Peter 1:4 by which he has granted to us his precious and exceedingly great promises; that through these you may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped from the corruption that is in the world by lust. (See NAS)

Judges 5:25 He asked for water. She gave him milk. She brought him butter in a lordly dish. (See NAS)

1 Kings 8:13 I have surely built you a house of habitation, a place for you to dwell in forever." (See NIV)

1 Chronicles 22:5 David said, Solomon my son is young and tender, and the house that is to be built for Yahweh must be exceedingly magnificent, of fame and of glory throughout all countries: I will therefore make preparation for it. So David prepared abundantly before his death. (WEB KJV JPS ASV WBS NAS RSV)

2 Chronicles 2:9 even to prepare me timber in abundance; for the house which I am about to build shall be great and wonderful. (See NIV)

2 Chronicles 6:2 But I have built you a house of habitation, and a place for you to dwell in forever. (See NIV)

Isaiah 28:29 This comes from the Lord of armies, purposing wonders, and wise in all his acts. (See NIV)

Zechariah 11:13 Yahweh said to me, "Throw it to the potter, the handsome price that I was valued at by them!" I took the thirty pieces of silver, and threw them to the potter, in the house of Yahweh. (See NAS)

Magnificent (9 Occurrences)
... 2. (a.) Grand in appearance; exhibiting grandeur or splendor; splendid' pompous.
Multi-Version Concordance Magnificent (9 Occurrences). ...
/m/magnificent.htm - 9k

Magnificence (9 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (n.) Greatness; splendor; glory; the act of doing
what magnificent; the state or quality of being magnificent. ...
/m/magnificence.htm - 9k

Mamre (10 Occurrences)
... Tradition has centered round three different sites at various periods: (1) The modern
tradition points to a magnificent oak (Quercus ilex, Arabic Sindian), 1 1 ...
/m/mamre.htm - 16k

Triumph (52 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) A magnificent and imposing ceremonial performed
in honor of a general who had gained a decisive victory over a foreign enemy. ...
/t/triumph.htm - 24k

Esarhaddon (3 Occurrences)
... He built many temples and palaces, the most magnificent of which was the south-west
palace at Nimrud, which is said to have been in its general design almost ...
/e/esarhaddon.htm - 13k

Magnificently (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (adv.) In a Magnificent manner. Multi-Version
Concordance Magnificently (1 Occurrence). Ezekiel 23:12 She ...
/m/magnificently.htm - 6k

... Noah Webster's Dictionary (a.) Grand; splendid; illustrious; magnificent.
Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. MAGNIFICAL. mag-nif'-i ...
/m/magnifical.htm - 6k

Achmetha (1 Occurrence)
... coolness of the climate. Herodotus describes it as a magnificent city fortified
with seven concentric walls (i.98). Its citadel (biretha ...
/a/achmetha.htm - 10k

Shushan (19 Occurrences)
... It is the modern Shush, on the northwest of Shuster. Once a magnificent city, it
is now an immense mass of ruins. Here Daniel saw one of his visions (Dan. ...
/s/shushan.htm - 21k

Cedar (61 Occurrences)
... It consists of a group of about 400 trees, among them some magnificent old patriarchs,
which lies on the bare slopes of the Lebanon some 6,000 ft. ...
/c/cedar.htm - 37k

3167. megaleios -- magnificent, splendid
... magnificent, splendid. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: megaleios Phonetic
Spelling: (meg-al-i'-os) Short Definition: grand, magnificent Definition ...
/greek/3167.htm - 6k

2986. lampros -- bright
... bright. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: lampros Phonetic Spelling:
(lam-pros') Short Definition: shining, magnificent, bright Definition: shining ...
/greek/2986.htm - 6k

3169. megaloprepes -- befitting a great one
... a great one. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: megaloprepes Phonetic Spelling:
(meg-al-op-rep-ace') Short Definition: magnificent, superb, transcendent ...
/greek/3169.htm - 7k

3176. megistos -- greatest
... greatest. Transliteration: megistos Phonetic Spelling: (meg'-is-tos) Short Definition:
magnificent. ... of megas Definition greatest NASB Word Usage magnificent (1). ...
/greek/3176.htm - 6k

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (a.) Doing grand things; admirable in action; displaying great power or opulence, especially in building, way of living, and munificence.

2. (a.) Grand in appearance; exhibiting grandeur or splendor; splendid' pompous.

Strong's Hebrew
145. eder -- glory, magnificence, a mantle, cloak
... << 144, 145. eder. 146 >>. glory, magnificence, a mantle, cloak. Transliteration:
eder Phonetic Spelling: (eh'-der) Short Definition: magnificent. ...
/hebrew/145.htm - 6k

117. addir -- majestic
... Word Origin from adar Definition majestic NASB Word Usage glorious (1), leader
(1), magnificent (1), majestic (4), majestic ones (1), masters (3), mighty (6 ...
/hebrew/117.htm - 6k

142. adar -- wide, great
... become glorious, honorable. A primitive root; to expand, ie Be great or (figuratively)
magnificent -- (become) glorious, honourable. << 141, 142. adar. 143 >>. ...
/hebrew/142.htm - 5k

1431. gadal -- to grow up, become great
... 15), grew...great (1), grow (2), grow long (1), grown (5), grown-up (1), grows
(1), highly valued (2), increase (1), lifted (1), magnificent (1), magnified (15 ...
/hebrew/1431.htm - 7k



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