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Quality (14 Occurrences)

Romans 12:6 And having different qualities by reason of the grace given to us, such as the quality of a prophet, let it be made use of in relation to the measure of our faith; (BBE)

1 Corinthians 3:13 the true character of each individual's work will become manifest. For the day of Christ will disclose it, because that day is soon to come upon us clothed in fire, and as for the quality of every one's work-- the fire is the thing which will test it. (WEY BBE NAS NIV)

2 Corinthians 8:8 I am not giving you an order, but using the ready mind of others as a test of the quality of your love. (BBE)

2 Corinthians 8:24 Make clear then to them, as representatives of the churches, the quality of your love, and that the things which we have said about you are true. (BBE)

Ephesians 5:11 And have no company with the works of the dark, which give no fruit, but make their true quality clear; (BBE)

Ephesians 5:13 But all things, when their true quality is seen, are made clear by the light: because everything which is made clear is light. (BBE)

Philippians 2:22 But his quality is clear to you; how, as a child is to its father, so he was a help to me in the work of the good news. (BBE)

1 Peter 3:4 but in the hidden person of the heart, in the incorruptible adornment of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God very precious. (See NAS)

Leviticus 27:12 and the priest shall value it, whether it is good or bad. As you the priest values it, so shall it be. (See NIV)

Leviticus 27:14 "'When a man dedicates his house to be holy to Yahweh, then the priest shall evaluate it, whether it is good or bad: as the priest shall evaluate it, so shall it stand. (See NIV)

Deuteronomy 24:1 If a man takes a wife, and after they are married she is unpleasing to him because of some bad quality in her, let him give her a statement in writing and send her away from his house. (BBE)

1 Kings 5:17 And the king commanded, and they quarried great stones, costly stones, to lay the foundation of the house with hewn stone. (See NIV)

1 Kings 7:10 And the base was of great masses of highly priced stone, some ten cubits and some eight cubits square. (See NIV)

Isaiah 22:24 And they have hanged on him All the honour of the house of his father, The offspring and the issue, All vessels of small quality, From vessels of basins to all vessels of flagons. (YLT)

Quality (14 Occurrences)
... or attribute; peculiar power, capacity, or virtue; distinctive trait; as, the tones
of a flute differ from those of a violin in quality; the great quality of a ...
/q/quality.htm - 11k

Character (27 Occurrences)
... 3. (n.) The peculiar quality, or the sum of qualities, by which a person or a thing
is distinguished from others; the stamp impressed by nature, education, or ...
/c/character.htm - 16k

Flavor (2 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) That quality of anything which affects
the smell; odor; fragrances; as, the flavor of a rose. ...
/f/flavor.htm - 7k

Brand (4 Occurrences)
... 3. (n.) A mark made by burning with a hot iron, as upon a cask, to designate the
quality, manufacturer, etc., of the contents, or upon an animal, to designate ...
/b/brand.htm - 9k

Savor (51 Occurrences)
... savor. 2. (a.) Hence, specific flavor or quality; characteristic property;
distinctive temper, tinge, taint, and the like. 3. (a ...
/s/savor.htm - 28k

Smell (77 Occurrences)
... 5. (vi) To have a particular tincture or smack of any quality; to savor; as, a report
smells of calumny. 6. (vi) To exercise the sense of smell. ...
/s/smell.htm - 34k

Qualities (7 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (n.) Plural of Quality. Multi-Version Concordance
Qualities (7 Occurrences). Romans 1:20 For the invisible ...
/q/qualities.htm - 8k

Nature (80 Occurrences)
... person or thing what it is, as distinct from others; native character; inherent
or essential qualities or attributes; peculiar constitution or quality of being ...
/n/nature.htm - 35k

Innocence (10 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) The state or quality of being innocent; freedom
from that which is harmful or injurious; harmlessness. ...
/i/innocence.htm - 12k

Taste (46 Occurrences)
... 7. (vi) To have a smack; to excite a particular sensation, by which the specific
quality or flavor is distinguished; to have a particular quality or character ...
/t/taste.htm - 59k

420. anexikakos -- enduring evil
... 420 (an adjective, derived from 430 , "to bear " and 2556 , "malice, evil") -- properly,
the quality of (), especially when (treated unjustly), ie when ...
/greek/420.htm - 7k

3697. hopoios -- of what sort
... Word Origin from hos, and poios Definition of what sort NASB Word Usage quality
(1), what (1), what kind (2), what kind of person (1). what manner of. ...
/greek/3697.htm - 6k

1640. elasson -- smaller, less
... Or elatton el-at-tone'; comparative of the same as elachistos; smaller (in size,
quantity, age or quality) -- less, under, worse, younger. see GREEK elachistos. ...
/greek/1640.htm - 6k

83. adelotes -- uncertainty
... Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: adelotes Phonetic Spelling:
(ad-ay-lot'-ace) Short Definition: uncertainty Definition: the quality of being ...
/greek/83.htm - 6k

47. hagneia -- purity
... purity. From hagnos; cleanliness (the quality), ie (specially) chastity -- purity.
see GREEK hagnos. (agneia) -- 2 Occurrences. << 46, 47. hagneia. 48 >>. ...
/greek/47.htm - 6k

2470. isos -- equal
... equal, equivalent, identical. 2470 -- ; having the same (similar) level or
value; , in substance or quality (J. Thayer). [2470 () is ...
/greek/2470.htm - 7k

166. aionios -- agelong, eternal
... Cognate: 166 (an adjective, derived from 165 ("an , having a particular and") --
properly, "" ("like-an-"), ie an "age-" (the quality describing a particular ...
/greek/166.htm - 8k

3115. makrothumia -- patience, long-suffering
... If in English we had an adjective 'long-tempered' as a counterpart to 'short-tempered,'
then could be called the quality of being 'long-tempered ...
/greek/3115.htm - 8k

4053. perissos -- abundant
... From peri (in the sense of beyond); superabundant (in quantity) or superior (in
quality); by implication, excessive; adverbially (with ek) violently; neuter ...
/greek/4053.htm - 8k

167. akatharsia -- uncleanness
... uncleanness. From akathartos; impurity (the quality), physically or morally --
uncleanness. see GREEK akathartos. (akatharsia) -- 5 Occurrences. ...
/greek/167.htm - 7k

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) The condition of being of such and such a sort as distinguished from others; nature or character relatively considered, as of goods; character; sort; rank.

2. (n.) Special or temporary character; profession; occupation; assumed or asserted rank, part, or position.

3. (n.) That which makes, or helps to make, anything such as it is; anything belonging to a subject, or predicable of it; distinguishing property, characteristic, or attribute; peculiar power, capacity, or virtue; distinctive trait; as, the tones of a flute differ from those of a violin in quality; the great quality of a statesman.

4. (n.) An acquired trait; accomplishment; acquisition.

5. (n.) Superior birth or station; high rank; elevated character.

Strong's Hebrew
4932. mishneh -- a double, copy, second
... shanah; properly, a repetition, ie A duplicate (copy of a document), or a double
(in amount); by implication, a second (in order, rank, age, quality or location ...
/hebrew/4932.htm - 6k

7227. rab -- much, many, great
... By contracted from rabab; abundant (in quantity, size, age, number, rank, quality) --
(in) abound(-undance, -ant, -antly), captain, elder, enough, exceedingly ...
/hebrew/7227.htm - 6k

1121. ben -- son
... a son (as a builder of the family name), in the widest sense (of literal and figurative
relationship, including grandson, subject, nation, quality or condition ...
/hebrew/1121.htm - 8k



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