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Side (4225 Occurrences)

Side is used 4225 times in 12 translations.

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Side (4225 Occurrences)
... oblong in shape), one of the longer edges as distinguished from the shorter edges,
called ends; a bounding line of a geometrical figure; as, the side of a field ...
/s/side.htm - 10k

Side-chambers (10 Occurrences)
Side-chambers. << Side-chamber, Side-chambers. Sided >>. Multi-Version
Concordance Side-chambers (10 Occurrences). 1 Kings ...
/s/side-chambers.htm - 9k

Way-side (10 Occurrences)
Way-side. << Wayside, Way-side. Waysides >>. Multi-Version Concordance
Way-side (10 Occurrences). Matthew 13:4 As he sows ...
/w/way-side.htm - 9k

Side-rooms (7 Occurrences)
Side-rooms. << Side-roads, Side-rooms. Sides >>. Multi-Version
Concordance Side-rooms (7 Occurrences). Ezekiel 41:5 Then ...
/s/side-rooms.htm - 8k

Side-posts (7 Occurrences)
Side-posts. << Side-post, Side-posts. Side-roads >>. Multi-Version Concordance
Side-posts (7 Occurrences). Exodus 12:7 And they shall ...
/s/side-posts.htm - 8k

Side-chamber (4 Occurrences)
Side-chamber. << Side-bones, Side-chamber. Side-chambers >>. Multi-Version
Concordance Side-chamber (4 Occurrences). Ezekiel 41:5 Then ...
/s/side-chamber.htm - 7k

Sea-side (7 Occurrences)
Sea-side. << Seaside, Sea-side. Season >>. Multi-Version Concordance
Sea-side (7 Occurrences). Matthew 4:13 and having left ...
/s/sea-side.htm - 8k

Side-walls (2 Occurrences)
Side-walls. << Sidewalls, Side-walls. Side-ward >>. Multi-Version
Concordance Side-walls (2 Occurrences). Ezekiel 40:48 Then ...
/s/side-walls.htm - 7k

Side-bones (1 Occurrence)
Side-bones. << Side, Side-bones. Side-chamber >>. Multi-Version Concordance
Side-bones (1 Occurrence). Daniel 7:5 And I saw another beast ...
/s/side-bones.htm - 6k

Side-post (2 Occurrences)
Side-post. << Side-growth, Side-post. Side-posts >>. Multi-Version Concordance
Side-post (2 Occurrences). Exodus 21:6 then hath his lord ...
/s/side-post.htm - 7k

4125. pleura -- the side
... the side. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: pleura Phonetic Spelling:
(plyoo-rah') Short Definition: the side of the body Definition: the side of ...
/greek/4125.htm - 6k

1782. enteuthen -- from here, on each side, thereupon
... from here, on each side, thereupon. Part of Speech: Adverb Transliteration: enteuthen
Phonetic Spelling: (ent-yoo'-then) Short Definition: hence, from this place ...
/greek/1782.htm - 6k

4008. peran -- on the other side
... on the other side. Part of Speech: Adverb Transliteration: peran Phonetic Spelling:
(per'-an) Short Definition: over, beyond Definition: over, on the other side ...
/greek/4008.htm - 6k

1188. dexios -- the right hand or side
... the right hand or side. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: dexios Phonetic
Spelling: (dex-ee-os') Short Definition: on the right hand, right hand, right ...
/greek/1188.htm - 6k

495. antipera -- on the opposite side
... on the opposite side. Part of Speech: Adverb Transliteration: antipera Phonetic
Spelling: (an-tee-per'-an) Short Definition: on the opposite side or shore ...
/greek/495.htm - 6k

3902. parasemos -- marked amiss, marked at the side, marked with a ...
... marked amiss, marked at the side, marked with a sign. Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter
Transliteration: parasemos Phonetic Spelling: (par-as'-ay-mos) Short ...
/greek/3902.htm - 6k

3953. paropsis -- a side dish of delicacies
... a side dish of delicacies. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: paropsis
Phonetic Spelling: (par-op-sis') Short Definition: a bowl, dish, platter ...
/greek/3953.htm - 6k

3844. para -- from beside, by the side of, by, beside
... from beside, by the side of, by, beside. Part of Speech: Preposition Transliteration:
para Phonetic Spelling: (par-ah') Short Definition: from, in the presence ...
/greek/3844.htm - 8k

3845. parabaino -- to go by the side of, to go past
... to go by the side of, to go past. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: parabaino
Phonetic Spelling: (par-ab-ah'-ee-no) Short Definition: I transgress Definition ...
/greek/3845.htm - 7k

3886. paraluo -- to loose from the side
... to loose from the side. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: paraluo Phonetic Spelling:
(par-al-oo'-o) Short Definition: I relax, enfeeble Definition: I relax ...
/greek/3886.htm - 6k

Smith's Bible Dictionary

a city on the coast of Pamphylia, 10 or 12 miles to the east of the river Eurymedon. It is mentioned in 1 Macc. 15:23, and was a colony of Cumaeans.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

si'-de (Side): An ancient town of Pamphylia, occupying a triangular promontory on the coast. It was one of the towns to which a letter favorable to the Jews was sent by the Roman consul Lucius (1 Maccabees 15:23). The town seems to have been of considerable antiquity, for it had existed long before it fell into the possession of Alexander the Great, and for a time it was the metropolis of Pamphylia. Off the coast the fleet of Antiochus was defeated by the Rhodians. During the 1st century, Side was noted as one of the chief ports of pirates who disposed of much of their booty there. The ruins of the city, which are now very extensive, bear the name Eski Adalia, but among them there are no occupied houses. The two harbors protected by a sea wall may still be traced, but they are now filled with sand. The wall on the land side of the city was provided with a gate which was protected with round towers; the walls themselves are of Greek-Roman type. Within the walls the more important of the remains are three theaters near the harbors, and streets with covered porticoes leading from the city gate to the harbors. Without the walls, the street leading to the city gate is lined with sarcophagi, and among the shrubbery of the neighboring fields are traces of many buildings and of an aqueduct.

E. J. Banks

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) The margin, edge, verge, or border of a surface; especially (when the thing spoken of is somewhat oblong in shape), one of the longer edges as distinguished from the shorter edges, called ends; a bounding line of a geometrical figure; as, the side of a field, of a square or triangle, of a river, of a road, etc.

2. (n.) Any outer portion of a thing considered apart from, and yet in relation to, the rest; as, the upper side of a sphere; also, any part or position viewed as opposite to or contrasted with another; as, this or that side.

3. (n.) One of the halves of the body, of an animals or man, on either side of the medial plane; or that which pertains to such a half; as, a side of beef; a side of sole leather.

4. (n.) The right or left part of the wall or trunk of the body; as, a pain in the side.

5. (n.) A slope or declivity, as of a hill, considered as opposed to another slope over the ridge.

6. (n.) The position of a person or party regarded as opposed to another person or party, whether as a rival or a foe; a body of advocates or partisans; a party; hence, the interest or cause which one maintains against another; a doctrine or view opposed to another.

7. (n.) A line of descent traced through one parent as distinguished from that traced through another.

8. (n.) Fig.: Aspect or part regarded as contrasted with some other; as, the bright side of poverty.

9. (a.) of or pertaining to a side, or the sides; being on the side, or toward the side; lateral.

10. (a.) Hence, indirect; oblique; collateral; incidental; as, a side issue; a side view or remark.

11. (n.) Long; large; extensive.

12. (v. i.) To lean on one side.

13. (v. i.) To embrace the opinions of one party, or engage in its interest, in opposition to another party; to take sides; as, to side with the ministerial party.

14. (v. t.) To be or stand at the side of; to be on the side toward.

15. (v. t.) To suit; to pair; to match.

16. (v. t.) To work (a timber or rib) to a certain thickness by trimming the sides.

17. (v. t.) To furnish with a siding; as, to side a house.

Strong's Hebrew
6763. tsela -- rib, side
... << 6762, 6763. tsela. 6764 >>. rib, side. Transliteration: tsela Phonetic Spelling:
(tsay-law') Short Definition: side. Word Origin from ...
/hebrew/6763.htm - 6k

6654. tsad -- a side
... << 6653, 6654. tsad. 6655 >>. a side. Transliteration: tsad Phonetic Spelling:
(tsad) Short Definition: side. Word Origin from an unused ...
/hebrew/6654.htm - 6k

6285. peah -- corner, side
... << 6284, 6285. peah. 6286 >>. corner, side. Transliteration: peah Phonetic
Spelling: (pay-aw') Short Definition: side. Word Origin from ...
/hebrew/6285.htm - 6k

7859. setar -- a side
... << 7858, 7859. setar. 7860 >>. a side. Transliteration: setar Phonetic Spelling:
(shet-ar') Short Definition: side. Word Origin (Aramaic ...
/hebrew/7859.htm - 5k

3802. katheph -- shoulder, shoulder blade, side
... << 3801, 3802. katheph. 3803 >>. shoulder, shoulder blade, side. Transliteration:
katheph Phonetic Spelling: (kaw-thafe') Short Definition: side. ...
/hebrew/3802.htm - 6k

3409. yarek -- thigh, loin, side, base
... yarek. 3410 >>. thigh, loin, side, base. Transliteration: yarek Phonetic Spelling:
(yaw-rake') Short Definition: thigh. ... body, loins, shaft, side, thigh. ...
/hebrew/3409.htm - 6k

5676. eber -- region across or beyond, side
... << 5675, 5676. eber. 5677 >>. region across or beyond, side. Transliteration:
eber Phonetic Spelling: (ay'-ber) Short Definition: beyond. ...
/hebrew/5676.htm - 6k

5980. ummah -- close by, side by side with
... << 5979, 5980. ummah. 5981 >>. close by, side by side with. Transliteration: ummah
Phonetic Spelling: (oom-maw') Short Definition: alongside. ...
/hebrew/5980.htm - 6k

3411. yerekah -- flank, side, extreme parts, recesses
... flank, side, extreme parts, recesses. Transliteration: yerekah Phonetic Spelling:
(yer-ay-kaw') Short Definition: rear. ... border, coast, part, quarter, side. ...
/hebrew/3411.htm - 6k

6655. tsad -- side
... << 6654, 6655. tsad. 6656 >>. side. Transliteration: tsad Phonetic Spelling: (tsad)
Short Definition: against. Word Origin (Aramaic) corresponding ...
/hebrew/6655.htm - 6k



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