1124. bena or benah
Lexical Summary
bena or benah: to build
Original Word: בְּנָא
Transliteration: bena or benah
Phonetic Spelling: (ben-aw')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to build
Meaning: to build
Strong's Concordance
build, make

(Aramaic) or bnah (Aramaic) {ben-aw'}; corresponding to banah; to build -- build, make.

see HEBREW banah


H1124. bena

or benah [בְּנָא בְּבָה,‎] verb build (Biblical Hebrew בָּנָה‎); —

Pe`al Perfect3masculine singular suffix 3 masculine singular בְּנָ֫הִיEzra 5:11; 1singular suffix בֶּנַיְתַהּDaniel 4:27; Imperfect3masculine plural יִבְנוֺןEzra 6:7; Infinitive לְמִבְנֵא5:2 +, לְמִבְבְיָה5:9 (read לְמִבְנֵא‎ M§ 64 u or < לְמִבְנֵה‎, so S-CA 8. 64), לִבְּנֵא‎ (read לְמִבְנֵא‎ Str§ 23 l Ml.c.) 5:3; 5:13; Participle active plural בָּנַ֫יִן4:12 +; passive בְּנֵה5:11 (see on forms K§ 47, Belsp. pass.); — build: with accusative of temple 5:2-3, 9, 11, 13, 17; 6:7-8, so 5:4 (accusative of congnate meaning with verb); passive of temple 5:11; with accusative of city 4:12; Daniel 4:27; absolute Ezra 6:14 (twice in verse).

Hithpe`el be built: Imperfect3masculine singular יִתְבְּנֵא‎ of temple Ezra 5:15; 6:3; 3feminine singular תִּתְבְּנֵא‎ of city 6:13; 6:16; 6:21; Participle מִתְבְּנֵא‎ of temple 5:8 (with accusative mater.), 5:16.


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