235. azal
Lexical Summary
azal: to go
Original Word: אָזַל
Transliteration: azal
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-zal')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to go
Meaning: to go away, to disappear
Strong's Concordance
fail, gad about, go to and fro but in Ezek

A primitive root; to go away, hence, to disappear -- fail, gad about, go to and fro (but in Ezek. 27:19 the word is rendered by many "from Uzal," by others "yarn"), be gone (spent).


H235. azal

אָזַלverb go (mostly in poetry) (ᵑ7id., Biblical Aramaic אֲזַל‎, Syriac ) —

Qal. Perfect אַזַל1 Samuel 9:7; 3feminine singular אָֽזְלַת‎ (poetry) Deuteronomy 32:36; אָֽזְלוּJob 14:11; Imperfect2feminine singular תֵּזְלִי‎ (for תֵּאזְלִי‎) Jeremiah 2:36; Participle אֹזֵלProverbs 20:14 — go away 20:14; go about Jeremiah 2:36 אֶתדַּֿרְכֵּ֑ךְ לְשַׁנּוֺת מְאֹד מַהתֵּֿזְלִי‎; be gone, exhausted, used up Deuteronomy 32:36 (subject יָדstrength); followed by מִן1 Samuel 9:7 מִכֵּלֵינוּ אָזַל הַלֶּחֶם‎; Job 14:11 מִנִּייָֿם מַיִם אָֽזְלוּ

Pu`al Participle מְאוּזָּלEzekiel 27:19 (RV yarn, compare Aramaic עזלspin but) read מֵאוּזָל‎, see below אוּזָל‎ below, so ᵑ6 ᵐ5‎ Hi Sm Co.

אֲזַלverb go, go off (Biblical Hebrew: [rare]); —

Pe`al Perfect3masculine singular ׳אDaniel 2:24 + (אֲזַל֑2:17; 6:20); 3plural אֲזַ֫לוּEzra 4:23; I plural אֲוַלְנָא5:8; Imperative masculine singular (אֲֿחֵת‎) ֵאוֶל5:15 (for אֱזַל‎ K§ § 15 e); 38, 1 c)); — 1 go, go off, with ל‎ location Daniel 2:17; 6:19; 6:20; Ezra 4:23 (+ עַל‎ person), 5:8; go and say Daniel 2:24, go (and) put Ezra 5:15.


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