5409. nethach
Lexical Summary
nethach: a piece (of a divided carcass)
Original Word: נֵתַח
Transliteration: nethach
Phonetic Spelling: (nay'-thakh)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a piece (of a divided carcass)
Meaning: a piece (of a divided carcass)
Strong's Concordance
part, piece

From nathach; a fragment -- part, piece.

see HEBREW nathach


H5409. nethach

נֵ֫תַחnoun masculineEzekiel 24:4 piece of a divided carcass (Ecclus נתחים‎ Ecclesiasticus 50:12a); — absolute ׳נ24:4; plural נְתָחִיםJudges 19:29 2t.; suffix נְתָחָיוExodus 29:17 (twice in verse) + 2t., נְתָחֶ֫יהָLeviticus 1:6 3t.; **read נְתָחֶיהָ‎ also Ezekiel 24:5 for MT רתחיה‎ Hi-Sm Co Berthol Toy SiegfKau Krae Da ('possibly'). — usually plural pieces: of meat in a caldron (symbolic of Jerusalem) 24:4 (twice in verse) (singular only 24:4 b), 24:6; 24:6; of sacrificial animals Exodus 29:17b Leviticus 1:8; 8:20; b 9:13; elsewhere ׳לִנ‎ after verb נִתַּה‎ (q. v.): of woman Judges 19:29; Exodus 29:17 a Leviticus 1:6, 12; 8:20 a.


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