6860. Tsiqelag
Lexical Summary
Tsiqelag: a city assigned to Judah, also to Simeon
Original Word: צִקְלַג
Transliteration: Tsiqelag
Phonetic Spelling: (tsik-lag')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Short Definition: a city assigned to Judah, also to Simeon
Meaning: Ziklag -- a city assigned to Judah, also to Simeon
Strong's Concordance

Or Tsiyqlag (1 Chronicles 12:1, 1 Chronicles 12:20) {tsee-kel-ag'}; of uncertain derivation: Tsiklag or Tsikelag, a place in Palestine -- Ziklag.

see HEBREW 'abattiyach


H6860. Tsiqelag

ִצקְלַג‎ and (1 Chronicles 12:1; 12:21 ׳צִיק‎)

proper name, of a location (צִ֒קלָ֑ג1 Samuel 27:6 a +, ִצקְלָג֖2 Samuel 2:1 צִיקְלָ֔ג1 Chronicles 12:1); — assigned to Judah Joshua 15:31, to Simeon 19:5; Philistine city given to David 1 Samuel 27:6 (twice in verse); 30:1 (3 t. in verse); 30:14, 26; 2 Samuel 1:1; 4:10; 1 Chronicles 4:30; 12:1; 12:21 (van d. H. v.12:20); Σεκελακ, Σικελαγ, etc.; usually identified with Zuheilikah, 19 miles southwest from Bêt Jibrin, 11 miles east-southeast from Gaza (compare BuhlGeogr. 185).


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