7806. shazar
Lexical Summary
shazar: to be twisted
Original Word: שָׁזַר
Transliteration: shazar
Phonetic Spelling: (shaw-zar')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to be twisted
Meaning: to be twisted
Strong's Concordance

A primitive root; to twist (a thread of straw) -- twine.


H7806. shazar

[שָׁזַר‎]21 verb Hoph`al be twisted (Late Hebrew שָׁזַרtwist; compare Arabic look a skew at, also twist cord from the left BaES 49 (explanation שׁ‎, for normal שׂ‎, as dissimilated before ז‎), JacobArabic Dichter i. 52); — Participle מָשְׁזָר שֵׁשׁExodus 26:1, 31, 36 17t. Exodus (P); שֵׁשׁ‎ omitted 39:24.

שַׁח‎ see שׁחח‎.


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