8505. takan
Lexical Summary
takan: to regulate, measure, estimate
Original Word: תָּכַן
Transliteration: takan
Phonetic Spelling: (taw-kan')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to regulate, measure, estimate
Meaning: to balance, measure out, arrange, equalize, levelling
Strong's Concordance
bear up, direct, be unequal, mete, ponder, tell, weigh

A primitive root; to balance, i.e. Measure out (by weight or dimension); figuratively, arrange, equalize, through the idea of levelling (ment. Estimate, test) -- bear up, direct, be ((un-))equal, mete, ponder, tell, weigh.


H8505. takan

[תָּכַן‎] verb regulate, measure, estimate (compare Aramaic Pa`el תַּכֵּן‎ (rare) prepare (= כּוֺנֵן הֵכִין,‎); according to RySyn. d. Wahren u. Guten 33 a secondary √ from כון‎); —

Qal Participle estimate, figurative: י רוּחוֺת ׳וְתֹכֵןProverbs 16:2, so (לִבּוֺת‎) 21:2; 24:12.

Niph`al 1. Perfect3plural עֲלִלוֺת נִתְכְּנוּ‎ [לוֺ‎] וְלֹא1 Samuel 2:3 by him (׳י‎) are actions estimated

2 Imperfect, be adjusted to the standard, i.e. right, equitable: subject דֶרֶח‎ (of ׳י‎ and of Israel), 3 masculine singular יִתָּכֵןEzekiel 18:25 (twice in verse); 18:29 (twice in verse); 33:17 (twice in verse); 33:20; 3masculine plural יִתָּֽכְנוּ18:29, יִתָּכֵ֑נוּ18:25.

Pi`el Perfect3masculine singular: mete out, בְּמִדָּה תִּכֵּן מַיִםJob 28:25; ת בַּזֶּרֶת ׳וְשָׁמַיִםIsaiah 40:12 ("" כול מדד,‎); ת ׳מִי י ׳אֶתרֿוּחַ40:13 (see

Qal; read possibly הֵבִין‎ or הֵכִין‎); 1 singular עַמּוּדֶיהָ תִּכַּ֫נְתִּיPsalm 75:4 I regulate (or adjust) her pillars (i.e. of earth).

Pu`al Participle הַמְּתֻכָּן הַכֶּסֶף2 Kings 12:12 the silver which was measured out.


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