8504. tekeleth
Lexical Summary
tekeleth: violet, violet thread
Original Word: תְּכֵלֶת
Transliteration: tekeleth
Phonetic Spelling: (tek-ay'-leth)
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: violet, violet thread
Meaning: the cerulean mussel, the color, obtained therefrom, stuff dyed therewith
Strong's Concordance

Probably for shcheleth; the cerulean mussel, i.e. The color (violet) obtained therefrom or stuff dyed therewith -- blue.

see HEBREW shcheleth


H8504. tekeleth

תְּכֵ֫לֶת48 noun feminine violet, i.e. violet thread and stuff; ᵐ5‎ usually υἄκινθος, υἀκίθινος; see ThatcherHast. DB COLOURS (Late Hebrew = Biblical Hebrew; תִּכְלָא ᵑ7‎); —

1 violet thread (spun, Exodus 35:25; woven, 39:3):

a. in Exodus (P) of hangings of tabernacle, ephod, etc., ׳ת‎ + שָׁנִי תּוֺלַעַת אַרְגָּמָן,‎ (q. v.; often also זהב שֵׁשׁ,‎), Exodus 25:4; 26:1; 28:5-6, 33; 35:25 20t.; of temple hangings (+ בּוּץ כַּרְמִיל, אַרְגְּוָן, אַרְגָּמָן,‎) 2 Chronicles 2:6; 2:13; 2:14; loops or cords of ׳ת‎ (alone) Exodus 26:4; 28:28, 31, 37; 36:11; 39:21-22, 31; Numbers 15:38 (all P).

b. palace hangings in Shushan + חוּרEsther 1:6.

2 violet stuff, fabric.; ת ׳לְבוּשֵׁיEzekiel 23:6, וְרִקְמָה ת ׳גְּלוֺמֵי27:24; ׳ת לְבוּשָׁם וְאַרְגָּמָןJeremiah 10:9; also in trade Ezekiel 27:7 (+ בְּרִקְמָה שֵׁשׁ אַרְגָּמָן,‎), compare ת ׳בֶּגֶד‎ for covering sacred utensils Numbers 4:6-7, 9, 11, 12 (P).


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