Psalm 149:7
Parallel Strong's
Berean Study Bible
to inflict vengeance on the nations and punishment on the peoples,

Young's Literal Translation
To do vengeance among nations, Punishments among the peoples.

King James Bible
To execute vengeance upon the heathen, [and] punishments upon the people;

to inflict
לַעֲשׂ֣וֹת (la·‘ă·śō·wṯ)
Preposition-l | Verb - Qal - Infinitive construct
Strong's 6213: To do, make

נְ֭קָמָה (nə·qā·māh)
Noun - feminine singular
Strong's 5360: Avengement

on the nations
בַּגּוֹיִ֑ם (bag·gō·w·yim)
Preposition-b, Article | Noun - masculine plural
Strong's 1471: A foreign nation, a Gentile, a troop of animals, a flight of locusts

and punishment
תּֽ֝וֹכֵחֹ֗ת (tō·w·ḵê·ḥōṯ)
Noun - feminine plural
Strong's 8433: Chastisement, correction, refutation, proof

בַּל־ (bal-)
Strong's 1077: A failure, nothing, not at all, lest

the peoples,
אֻמִּֽים׃ (’um·mîm)
Strong's 3816: A community


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