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Duties (46 Occurrences)

Acts 23:1 Then Paul, fixing a steady gaze on the Sanhedrin, said, "Brethren, it is with a perfectly clear conscience that I have discharged my duties before God up to this day." (WEY)

Acts 25:1 Festus, having entered on his duties as governor of the province, two days later went up from Caesarea to Jerusalem. (WEY)

Romans 12:7 if it is the gift of administration, let the administrator exercise a sound judgement in his duties. (WEY)

Romans 15:16 that I should be a minister of Christ Jesus among the Gentiles, doing priestly duties in connexion with God's Good News so that the sacrifice--namely the Gentiles--may be acceptable to Him, being (as it is) (WEY)

Colossians 4:17 And tell Archippus to discharge carefully the duties devolving upon him as a servant of the Lord. (WEY)

1 Timothy 4:15 Habitually practise these duties, and be absorbed in them; so that your growing proficiency in them may be evident to all. (WEY RSV)

1 Timothy 5:17 Let the Elders who perform their duties wisely and well be held worthy of double honour, especially those who labour in preaching and teaching. (WEY)

1 Timothy 6:2 Those who have believing masters, let them not despise them, because they are brothers, but rather let them serve them, because those who partake of the benefit are believing and beloved. Teach and exhort these things. (See RSV)

2 Timothy 4:5 But as for you, you must exercise habitual self-control, and not live a self-indulgent life, but do the duty of an evangelist and fully discharge the obligations of your office. (See NIV)

Hebrews 9:6 Now these things having been thus prepared, the priests go in continually into the first tabernacle, accomplishing the services, (See RSV)

Hebrews 10:11 Every priest indeed stands day by day serving and often offering the same sacrifices, which can never take away sins, (See NIV)

Genesis 39:11 About this time, he went into the house to do his work, and there were none of the men of the house inside. (See NIV)

Exodus 18:20 You shall teach them the statutes and the laws, and shall show them the way in which they must walk, and the work that they must do. (See NIV)

Numbers 3:7 They shall keep his requirements, and the requirements of the whole congregation before the Tent of Meeting, to do the service of the tabernacle. (See NAS RSV NIV)

Numbers 3:8 They shall keep all the furnishings of the Tent of Meeting, and the obligations of the children of Israel, to do the service of the tabernacle. (See NAS RSV)

Numbers 3:25 The duty of the sons of Gershon in the Tent of Meeting shall be the tabernacle, and the tent, its covering, and the screen for the door of the Tent of Meeting, (See NAS)

Numbers 3:28 According to the number of all the males, from a month old and upward, there were eight thousand six hundred, keeping the requirements of the sanctuary. (See NAS RSV)

Numbers 3:31 Their duty shall be the ark, the table, the lamp stand, the altars, the vessels of the sanctuary with which they minister, and the screen, and all its service. (See NAS)

Numbers 3:32 Eleazar the son of Aaron the priest shall be prince of the princes of the Levites, with the oversight of those who keep the requirements of the sanctuary. (See NAS)

Numbers 3:38 Those who encamp before the tabernacle eastward, in front of the Tent of Meeting toward the sunrise, shall be Moses, and Aaron and his sons, keeping the requirements of the sanctuary for the duty of the children of Israel. The stranger who comes near shall be put to death. (See NAS)

Numbers 4:28 This is the service of the families of the sons of the Gershonites in the Tent of Meeting: and their duty shall be under the hand of Ithamar the son of Aaron the priest. (See NAS NIV)

Numbers 8:26 but shall minister with their brothers in the Tent of Meeting, to perform the duty, and shall do no service. You shall do thus to the Levites concerning their duties." (WEB RSV NIV)

Numbers 18:3 They shall keep your commands, and the duty of all the Tent: only they shall not come near to the vessels of the sanctuary and to the altar, that they not die, neither they, nor you. (See RSV NIV)

Numbers 18:5 "You shall perform the duty of the sanctuary, and the duty of the altar; that there be wrath no more on the children of Israel. (See RSV)

1 Samuel 10:25 Then Samuel told the people the regulations of the kingdom, and wrote it in a book, and laid it up before Yahweh. Samuel sent all the people away, every man to his house. (See RSV)

1 Kings 3:7 Now, Yahweh my God, you have made your servant king instead of David my father. I am but a little child. I don't know how to go out or come in. (See NIV)

1 Chronicles 6:32 They ministered with song before the tabernacle of the Tent of Meeting, until Solomon had built the house of Yahweh in Jerusalem: and they waited on their office according to their order. (See NIV)

1 Chronicles 6:48 Their brothers the Levites were appointed for all the service of the tabernacle of the house of God. (See NIV)

1 Chronicles 9:25 Their brothers, in their villages, were to come in every seven days from time to time to be with them: (See NIV)

1 Chronicles 9:33 These are the singers, heads of fathers' houses of the Levites, who lived in the chambers and were (See NIV)

1 Chronicles 23:28 For their office was to wait on the sons of Aaron for the service of the house of Yahweh, in the courts, and in the chambers, and in the purifying of all holy things, even the work of the service of the house of God; (See NIV)

1 Chronicles 24:3 David with Zadok of the sons of Eleazar, and Ahimelech of the sons of Ithamar, divided them according to their ordering in their service. (See RSV)

1 Chronicles 25:1 Moreover David and the captains of the host separated for the service certain of the sons of Asaph, and of Heman, and of Jeduthun, who should prophesy with harps, with psalteries, and with cymbals; and the number of them that did the work according to their service was: (See RSV)

1 Chronicles 25:8 They cast lots for their offices, all alike, as well the small as the great, the teacher as the scholar. (See NAS RSV NIV)

1 Chronicles 26:12 Of these were the divisions of the doorkeepers, even of the chief men, having offices like their brothers, to minister in the house of Yahweh. (See NAS RSV NIV)

1 Chronicles 26:29 Of the Izharites, Chenaniah and his sons were for the outward business over Israel, for officers and judges. (See NAS RSV NIV)

2 Chronicles 8:14 And he appointed, according to the ordinance of David his father, the courses of the priests to their service, and the Levites to their charges, to praise, and to minister before the priests, as the duty of every day required; the doorkeepers also by their courses at every gate; for so had David the man of God commanded. (See NAS NIV)

2 Chronicles 31:2 Hezekiah appointed the divisions of the priests and the Levites after their divisions, every man according to his service, both the priests and the Levites, for burnt offerings and for peace offerings, to minister, and to give thanks, and to praise in the gates of the camp of Yahweh. (See NIV)

2 Chronicles 31:16 besides those who were reckoned by genealogy of males, from three years old and upward, even everyone who entered into the house of Yahweh, as the duty of every day required, for their service in their offices according to their divisions; (See NAS NIV)

2 Chronicles 31:17 and those who were reckoned by genealogy of the priests by their fathers' houses, and the Levites from twenty years old and upward, in their offices by their divisions; (See NAS)

2 Chronicles 35:2 He set the priests in their offices, and encouraged them to the service of the house of Yahweh. (See NIV)

Nehemiah 10:33 for the show bread, and for the continual meal offering, and for the continual burnt offering, for the Sabbaths, for the new moons, for the set feasts, and for the holy things, and for the sin offerings to make atonement for Israel, and for all the work of the house of our God. (See NIV)

Nehemiah 13:30 Thus cleansed I them from all foreigners, and appointed duties for the priests and for the Levites, everyone in his work; (WEB NAS RSV NIV)

Ezekiel 18:11 and who does not any of those duties, but even has eaten on the mountains, and defiled his neighbor's wife, (WEB KJV ASV DBY WBS RSV)

Ezekiel 44:14 Yet will I make them performers of the duty of the house, for all its service, and for all that shall be done therein. (See NIV)

Ezekiel 44:15 But the priests the Levites, the sons of Zadok, who performed the duty of my sanctuary when the children of Israel went astray from me, they shall come near to me to minister to me; and they shall stand before me to offer to me the fat and the blood, says the Lord Yahweh: (See NIV)

Duties (46 Occurrences)
...Duties (46 Occurrences). ... Acts 25:1 Festus, having entered on his duties as governor
of the province, two days later went up from Caesarea to Jerusalem. (WEY). ...
/d/duties.htm - 20k

Servants (763 Occurrences)
... of Yahweh's worship (Ezra 1:2, 3), it was important that those who held the privileges
of sanctuary service as a family heritage should go back to their duties...
/s/servants.htm - 43k

Priesthood (30 Occurrences)
... coefficient of a convolvulus, as to speak of the priesthood of nature or letters."
Priesthood is an office, embracing very specific duties and functions. ...
/p/priesthood.htm - 40k

Solomon's (56 Occurrences)
... of Yahweh's worship (Ezra 1:2, 3), it was important that those who held the privileges
of sanctuary service as a family heritage should go back to their duties...
/s/solomon's.htm - 31k

Deacon (4 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary. 1. (n.) An officer in Christian churches appointed to
perform certain subordinate duties varying in different communions. ...
/d/deacon.htm - 14k

... 3. (n.) The doctrines or rules of moral duties, or the duties of men in
their social character; ethics. 4. (n.) The practice of ...
/m/morality.htm - 7k

Bond (32 Occurrences)
... condition is added, that, if the obligor shall do a certain act, appear at a certain
place, conform to certain rules, faithfully perform certain duties, or pay ...
/b/bond.htm - 19k

Nethinim (16 Occurrences)
... In both Ezra and Nehemiah, the list is immediately followed by that of the servants
of Solomon, whose duties were similar to, it may be even humbler than ...
/n/nethinim.htm - 18k

Ten (234 Occurrences)
... the second. This has the advantage of assigning all duties to God to the
first table and all duties to men to the second. It also ...
/t/ten.htm - 60k

Obligation (17 Occurrences)
... 3. (n.) Any act by which a person becomes bound to do something to or for another,
or to forbear something; external duties imposed by law, promise, or contract ...
/o/obligation.htm - 12k

4754. strateuo -- to make war, hence to serve as a soldier
... Middle voice from the base of stratia; to serve in a military campaign; figuratively,
to execute the apostolate (with its arduous duties and functions), to ...
/greek/4754.htm - 7k

3784. opheilo -- to owe
... [3784 () "originally belonged to the sphere; it expressed initially one's legal
and economic, and then later one's , duties and responsibilities to the gods ...
/greek/3784.htm - 8k

5044. teknotropheo -- to rear children
... bring up children. From a compound of teknon and trepho; to be a childrearer, ie
Fulfil the duties of a female parent -- bring up children. see GREEK teknon. ...
/greek/5044.htm - 6k

5042. teknogonia -- childbearing
... childbearing. From the same as teknogoneo; childbirth (parentage), ie (by implication)
maternity (the performance of maternal duties) -- childbearing. ...
/greek/5042.htm - 6k

1249. diakonos -- a servant, minister
... from an obsolete diako (to run on errands; compare dioko); an attendant, ie (genitive
case) a waiter (at table or in other menial duties); specially, a ...
/greek/1249.htm - 8k

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(n.) Plural of Duty.
Strong's Hebrew
4399. melakah -- occupation, work
... Definition occupation, work NASB Word Usage anything (4), article made (1), business
(4), cattle (1), craftsmanship (3), details (1), duties (1), everything* (1 ...
/hebrew/4399.htm - 6k

4931. mishmereth -- a guard, watch, charge, function
... of mishmar Definition a guard, watch, charge, function NASB Word Usage allegiance
(1), charge (27), duties (15), duty (2), guard post (2), guard* (1), guards (2 ...
/hebrew/4931.htm - 6k



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