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Original (6 Occurrences)

Ephesians 2:3 Among them all of us also formerly passed our lives, governed by the inclinations of our lower natures, indulging the cravings of those natures and of our own thoughts, and were in our original state deserving of anger like all others. (WEY)

Ephesians 4:22 to put away, in regard to your former mode of life, your original evil nature which is doomed to perish as befits its misleading impulses, (WEY)

1 Timothy 5:12 and they incur disapproval for having broken their original vow. (WEY)

Jude 1:6 And angels--those who did not keep the position originally assigned to them, but deserted their own proper abode--He reserves in everlasting bonds, in darkness, in preparation for the judgement of the great day. (Root in WEY DBY)

Exodus 6:3 and I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, as God Almighty; but by my name Jehovah I was not known to them. (See JPS)

2 Chronicles 24:13 So the workmen worked, and the work of repairing went forward in their hands, and they set up the house of God in its state, and strengthened it. (See NIV)

Original (6 Occurrences)
... 1. (a.) Pertaining to the origin or beginning; preceding all others; first in order;
primitive; primary; pristine; as, the original state of man; the original...
/o/original.htm - 9k

Sin (782 Occurrences)
...Original sin. ... "Original sin" is frequently and properly used to denote only the moral
corruption of their whole nature inherited by all men from Adam. ...
/s/sin.htm - 82k

Manasses (1 Occurrence)
... 1. Name 2. Canonicity and Position 3. Contents 4. Original Language 5. Authenticity
6. Author and Motive 7. Date 8. Text and Versions (1) Greek (2) Latin ...
/m/manasses.htm - 19k

Christian (41 Occurrences)
... chan, kris'-ti-an (Christianos): 1. Historicity of Acts 11:26 2. Of Pagan Origin
3. The Christian Attitude to the Name 4. Was "Christian" the Original Form? ...
/c/christian.htm - 29k

Jeremy (2 Occurrences)
... jer'-e-mi, (Epistole Ieremiou): 1. Name 2. Canonicity and Position 3. Contents 4.
Original Language 5. Authorship, Date and Aim 6. Text and Versions LITERATURE ...
/j/jeremy.htm - 12k

Three (5005 Occurrences)
... " 1. Name 2. Canonicity 3. Contents 4. Author and Date 5. Original Language 6. Text ...
The "Song" is really a psalm, probably a translation of a Hebrew original. ...
/t/three.htm - 18k

Fourth (87 Occurrences)
... See APOCALYPTIC LITERATURE, sec. II, 1, 5. 2. Contents: The original work consists
of 2 Esdras 3-14, chapters 1 and 15 being late additions. ...
/f/fourth.htm - 43k

Rest (831 Occurrences)
... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. ESTHER, THE REST OF. Contents Introductory 1.
Name 2. Contents 3. Original Language 4. Versions 5. Date LITERATURE ...
/r/rest.htm - 47k

Acrostic (2 Occurrences)
... Pss 9 and 10, which are treated as one psalm in Septuagint and Vulg, give fairly
clear indications of original alphabetic structure even in the Massoretic Text ...
/a/acrostic.htm - 15k

Rome (12 Occurrences)
Struggle between Patricians and Plebeians 3. The Senate and Magistrates 4 ...
/r/rome.htm - 43k

744. archaios -- original, ancient
... original, ancient. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: archaios Phonetic
Spelling: (ar-khah'-yos) Short Definition: original, primitive, ancient ...
/greek/744.htm - 6k

600. apokathistemi -- to restore, give back
... apokathistemi Phonetic Spelling: (ap-ok-ath-is'-tay-mee) Short Definition: I restore,
give back Definition: I set up again, restore to its original position or ...
/greek/600.htm - 8k

4758. stratologeo -- to enlist soldiers
... From a compound of the base of stratia and lego (in its original sense); to gather
(or select) as a warrior, ie Enlist in the army -- choose to be a soldier. ...
/greek/4758.htm - 6k

2602. katabole -- a laying down
... general to the most specific detail, "following all the way along," and 906 , "to
cast") -- properly, a , cast according to a blueprint (original design); the ...
/greek/2602.htm - 7k

5376. Philippos -- "horse-loving," Philip, two sons of Herod the ...
... of Jesus, (b) tetrarch of the Ituraean and Trachonitic region, half-brother of Herod
Antipas, tetrarch of Galilee, (c) one of the seven original deacons at ...
/greek/5376.htm - 7k

2603. katabrabeuo -- to give judgment against
... beguile of reward. From kata and brabeuo (in its original sense); to award the price
against, ie (figuratively) to defraud (of salvation) -- beguile of reward. ...
/greek/2603.htm - 7k

3937. Parmenas -- "constant," Parmenas, a Christian
... Noun, Masculine Transliteration: Parmenas Phonetic Spelling: (par-men-as') Short
Definition: Parmenas Definition: Parmenas, one of the original seven deacons ...
/greek/3937.htm - 6k

4976. schema -- figure, shape
... of Jesus' earthly body (Phil 2:7,8). Christ incarnated into a body, which was not
an "exact match with typical humanity" because His body was (even original sin ...
/greek/4976.htm - 7k

2346. thlibo -- to press, afflict
... Cognate: 2346 (the root of 2347 , reflecting an original "b") -- properly, rub together,
constrict (compress), ie together; (figuratively) afflict (distress ...
/greek/2346.htm - 7k

2938. ktisma -- a creature
... creature. From ktizo; an original formation (concretely), ie Product (created
thing) -- creature. see GREEK ktizo. (ktisma) -- 2 Occurrences. ...
/greek/2938.htm - 6k

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (a.) Pertaining to the origin or beginning; preceding all others; first in order; primitive; primary; pristine; as, the original state of man; the original laws of a country; the original inventor of a process.

2. (a.) Not copied, imitated, or translated; new; fresh; genuine; as, an original thought; an original process; the original text of Scripture.

3. (a.) Having the power to suggest new thoughts or combinations of thought; inventive; as, an original genius.

4. (a.) Before unused or unknown; new; as, a book full of original matter.

5. (n.) Origin; commencement; source.

6. (n.) That which precedes all others of its class; archetype; first copy; hence, an original work of art, manuscript, text, and the like, as distinguished from a copy, translation, etc.

7. (n.) An original thinker or writer; an originator.

8. (n.) A person of marked eccentricity.

9. (n.) The natural or wild species from which a domesticated or cultivated variety has been derived; as, the wolf is thought by some to be the original of the dog, the blackthorn the original of the plum.

Strong's Hebrew
87. Abram -- "exalted father," the original name of Abraham
... << 86, 87. Abram. 88 >>. "exalted father," the original name of Abraham.
Transliteration: Abram Phonetic Spelling: (ab-rawm') Short Definition: Abram. ...
/hebrew/87.htm - 6k

138. Adoniyyahu -- "my Lord is Yahweh," the name of several ...
... Original (prolonged) dadoniyahuw {ad-o-nee- yaw'-hoo}; from 'adown and Yahh; lord
(ie Worshipper) of Jah; Adonijah, the name of three Israelites -- Adonijah. ...
/hebrew/138.htm - 6k

5712. edah -- congregation
... Feminine of ed in the original sense of fixture; a stated assemblage (specifically,
a concourse, or generally, a family or crowd) -- assembly, company ...
/hebrew/5712.htm - 6k

4501. menorah -- a lampstand
... candlestick. Or mnorah {men-o-raw'}; feminine of manowr (in the original sense of
niyr); a chandelier -- candlestick. see HEBREW manowr. see HEBREW niyr. ...
/hebrew/4501.htm - 6k

6121. aqob -- insidious, deceitful, tracked by footprints
... From aqab; in the original sense, a knoll (as swelling up); in the denominative
sense (transitive) fraudulent or (intransitive) tracked -- crooked, deceitful ...
/hebrew/6121.htm - 5k

8473. tachra -- a corselet
... Tahpenes. From charah in the original sense of chuwr or chuwr; a linen corslet
(as white or hollow) -- habergeon. see HEBREW charah. see HEBREW chuwr. ...
/hebrew/8473.htm - 6k

547. omnah -- pillar
... of aman, qv. pillar Feminine active participle of 'omen (in the original sense of
supporting); a column -- pillar. see HEBREW 'omen. << 546, 547. omnah. 548 >>. ...
/hebrew/547.htm - 5k

7771. showa' -- independent, noble (in station)
... From shava' in the original sense of freedom; a noble, ie Liberal, opulent; also
(as noun in the derived sense) a halloo -- bountiful, crying, rich. ...
/hebrew/7771.htm - 5k

8377. teo -- antelope
... wild bull ox. And towt (the original form) {toh}; from ta'ah; a species of antelope
(probably from the white stripe on the cheek) -- wild bull (ox). ...
/hebrew/8377.htm - 6k

8068. shamir -- a thorn, adamant, flint
... From shamar in the original sense of pricking; a thorn; also (from its keenness
for scratching) a gem, probably the diamond -- adamant (stone), brier, diamond. ...
/hebrew/8068.htm - 6k



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