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Shrubs (4 Occurrences)

Matthew 13:32 which indeed is smaller than all seeds. But when it is grown, it is greater than the herbs, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in its branches." (See RSV)

Mark 4:32 yet when it is sown, grows up, and becomes greater than all the herbs, and puts out great branches, so that the birds of the sky can lodge under its shadow." (See RSV)

Genesis 21:15 The water in the bottle was spent, and she cast the child under one of the shrubs. (WEB KJV JPS ASV DBY WBS YLT)

Job 30:7 Among shrubs they do groan, Under nettles they are gathered together. (YLT)

Shrubs (4 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance Shrubs (4 Occurrences). ... Genesis 21:15 The water in the
bottle was spent, and she cast the child under one of the shrubs. ...
/s/shrubs.htm - 7k

Browse (2 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) The tender branches or twigs of trees and shrubs,
fit for the food of cattle and other animals; green food. ...
/b/browse.htm - 7k

Juniper (7 Occurrences)
... This is quite certainly the Arabic ratam (Retama retem, Natural Order, Leguminosae),
a variety of broom which is one of the most characteristic shrubs of the ...
/j/juniper.htm - 11k

Lime (4 Occurrences)
... The whole interior is filled with carefully packed fragments of limestone, and large
piles of thorny-burner and other shrubs to serve as fuel are gathered ...
/l/lime.htm - 11k

Thicket (9 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (n.) A wood or a collection of trees, shrubs, etc., closely
set; as, a ram caught in a thicket. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. ...
/t/thicket.htm - 10k

Bush (14 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary. 1. (n.) A thicket, or place abounding in trees
or shrubs; a wild forest. 2. (n.) A shrub; esp., a shrub ...
/b/bush.htm - 19k

Brush (1 Occurrence)
... 4. (n.) Branches of trees lopped off; brushwood. 5. (n.) A thicket of shrubs or
small trees; the shrubs and small trees in a wood; underbrush. ...
/b/brush.htm - 8k

... Equally characteristic are dry, much-branched spiny trees or shrubs with scanty
foliage and small leaves, such as the acacias and the thorny burnet. ...
/b/botany.htm - 38k

Olives (30 Occurrences)
... times on the northern end of the ridge, while the soft chalky stone breaks down
to form a soil valuable for the cultivation of olives and other trees and shrubs...
/o/olives.htm - 37k

Thorn (30 Occurrences)
... Any pedestrian in Palestine must be familiar with the ubiquitous and
troublesome thorny shrubs and thistles which abound there. ...
/t/thorn.htm - 35k

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