4411. malon
Lexical Summary
malon: a lodging place, inn, khan
Original Word: מָלוֹן
Transliteration: malon
Phonetic Spelling: (maw-lone')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a lodging place, inn, khan
Meaning: a lodgment, caravanserai, encampment
Strong's Concordance
inn, place where

From luwn; a lodgment, i.e. Caravanserai or encampment -- inn, place where...lodge, lodging (place).

see HEBREW luwn


H4411. malon

מָלוֺןnoun masculine lodging-place, inn, khan; — absolute ׳מGenesis 42:27 5t.; construct מְלוֺן2 Kings 19:23; Jeremiah 9:1; — lodging-place, inn, khan (?) Genesis 42:27; 43:21; Exodus 4:24; ׳מְ אֹרְתִיםJeremiah 9:1; = camp (of Israel) for a night, Joshua 4:3 ( + לין‎), 4:8; of Assyrians Isaiah 10:29; figurative קִצֹּה֯ מְלוֺן2 Kings 19:23, i.e. its (Lebanon's) remotest camping-ground, hyperb. of Assyrian conquest; so read probably in "" Isaiah 37:24 for ק ׳מְרוֺם ᵑ0‎, compare Di Du Kit CheHpt.


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