7203. ro'eh
Lexical Summary
ro'eh: a seer
Original Word: רֹאֶה
Transliteration: ro'eh
Phonetic Spelling: (ro-eh')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a seer
Meaning: a seer, a vision
Strong's Concordance

Active participle of ra'ah; a seer (as often rendered); but also (abstractly) a vision -- vision.

see HEBREW ra'ah


H7203. ro

'eh I. רֹאֶהnoun [masculine] seer, with article ׳הָר‎ (except 2 Samuel 15:27); — old name for נָבִיא1 Samuel 9:9b, used of Samuel 9:9 a.; 9:11; 9:18; 9:19 and (as archaism) 1 Chronicles 9:22; 26:28; 29:29; of חֲנָנִי2 Chronicles 16:7, 10; הֲרוֺאֶה‎ apparently of Zadok 2 Samuel 15:27, but corrupt (conjecture in We Dr); plural (with preposition) לָרֹאִיםIsaiah 30:10 the seers, as a class.

II. רֹאֶהnoun [masculine] prophetic vision בָּר ׳שָׁגוּIsaiah 28:7 they reel in (their) vision ("" מְּלִילִיָּת מָּקוּ‎).


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