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Upright (392 Occurrences)

Matthew 1:19 And Joseph, her husband, being an upright man, and not desiring to make her a public example, had a mind to put her away privately. (BBE)

Matthew 5:16 Let your light thus shine before men, so that they may see your upright works, and glorify your Father who is in the heavens. (DBY)

Matthew 5:45 So that you may be the sons of your Father in heaven; for his sun gives light to the evil and to the good, and he sends rain on the upright man and on the sinner. (BBE)

Matthew 9:13 But go and take to heart the sense of these words, My desire is for mercy, not offerings: for I have come not to get the upright, but sinners. (BBE)

Matthew 10:41 He who gives honour to a prophet, in the name of a prophet, will be given a prophet's reward; and he who gives honour to an upright man, in the name of an upright man, will be given an upright man's reward. (BBE)

Matthew 13:17 For truly, I say to you that prophets and upright men had a desire to see the things which you see, and saw them not; and to have knowledge of the words which have come to your ears, and they had it not. (BBE)

Matthew 13:43 Then will the upright be shining as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He who has ears, let him give ear. (BBE)

Matthew 23:35 So that on you may come all the blood of the upright on the earth, from the blood of upright Abel to the blood of Zachariah, son of Barachiah, whom you put to death between the Temple and the altar. (BBE)

Matthew 25:37 Then will the upright make answer to him, saying, Lord, when did we see you in need of food, and give it to you? or in need of drink, and give it to you? (BBE)

Matthew 25:46 And these will go away into eternal punishment; but the upright into eternal life. (BBE)

Matthew 27:4 Saying, I have done wrong in giving into your hands an upright man. But they said, What is that to us? it is your business. (BBE)

Matthew 27:19 And while he was on the judge's seat, his wife sent to him, saying, Have nothing to do with that upright man, for I have had much trouble this day in a dream because of him. (BBE)

Matthew 27:24 So when Pilate saw that he was able to do nothing, but that trouble was working up, he took water and, washing his hands before the people, said, The blood of this upright man is not on my hands: you are responsible. (BBE)

Mark 2:17 And Jesus, hearing it, said to them, Those who are well have no need of a medical man, but those who are ill: I have come not to get the upright but sinners. (BBE)

Mark 6:20 for Herod stood in awe of John, knowing him to be an upright and holy man, and he protected him. After listening to him he was in great perplexity, and yet he found a pleasure in listening. (WEY BBE)

Luke 1:6 They were both of them upright before God, blamelessly obeying all the Lord's precepts and ordinances. (WEY BBE NIV)

Luke 1:17 and he will be His forerunner in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn fathers' hearts to the children, and cause the rebellious to walk in the wisdom of the upright, to make a people perfectly ready for the lord." (WEY)

Luke 2:25 Now there was a man in Jerusalem of the name of Symeon, an upright and God-fearing man, who was waiting for the consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was upon him. (WEY BBE)

Luke 5:32 I have come, not to get the upright, but sinners, so that they may be turned from their sins. (BBE)

Luke 8:15 And that in the good ground: These are they, who in an upright and good heart, having heard the word, do retain 'it', and bear fruit in continuance. (YLT)

Luke 13:13 And He put His hands on her, and she immediately stood upright and began to give glory to God. (WEY YLT)

Luke 14:14 And you will have a blessing, because they will not be able to give you any payment, and you will get your reward when the upright come back from the dead. (BBE)

Luke 23:47 And when the captain saw what was done, he gave praise to God, saying, Without doubt this was an upright man. (BBE)

Luke 23:50 There was a member of the Council of the name of Joseph, a kind-hearted and upright man, (WEY BBE NIV)

Acts 3:8 Leaping up, he stood upright and began to walk, and went into the Temple with them, walking, leaping, and praising God. (WEY NAS)

Acts 3:14 But you would have nothing to do with the Holy and Upright One, and made request for a man of blood to be given to you, (BBE)

Acts 7:52 Which of the prophets was not cruelly attacked by your fathers? and they put to death those who gave them the news of the coming of the Upright One; whom you have now given up and put to death; (BBE)

Acts 8:21 Thou hast neither part nor lot in this matter, for thy heart is not upright before God. (DBY)

Acts 10:22 Their reply was, "Cornelius, a Captain, an upright and God-fearing man, of whom the whole Jewish nation speaks well, has been divinely instructed by a holy angel to send for you to come to his house and listen to what you have to say." (WEY BBE RSV)

Acts 14:10 said with a loud voice, "Stand upright on your feet!" He leaped up and walked. (WEB KJV WEY ASV WBS YLT NAS RSV)

Acts 15:16 After these things I will turn back, and I will build again the tabernacle of David, that is fallen down, and its ruins I will build again, and will set it upright -- (YLT)

Acts 22:14 And he said, You have been marked out by the God of our fathers to have knowledge of his purpose, and to see the Upright One and to give ear to the words of his mouth. (BBE)

Acts 23:1 And Paul, looking fixedly at the Sanhedrin, said, My brothers, my life has been upright before God till this day. (BBE)

Acts 24:15 Hoping in God for that which they themselves are looking for, that there will be a coming back from the dead for upright men and wrongdoers. (BBE)

Romans 3:26 And to make clear his righteousness now, so that he might himself be upright, and give righteousness to him who has faith in Jesus. (BBE)

Romans 5:7 Now it is hard for anyone to give his life even for an upright man, though it might be that for a good man someone would give his life. (BBE)

Romans 7:12 But the law is holy, and its orders are holy, upright, and good. (BBE)

Romans 9:14 What may we say then? is God not upright? let it not be said. (BBE)

Galatians 3:11 Now that no man gets righteousness by the law in the eyes of God, is clear; because, The upright will be living by faith. (BBE)

Philippians 4:8 For the rest, my brothers, whatever things are true, whatever things have honour, whatever things are upright, whatever things are holy, whatever things are beautiful, whatever things are of value, if there is any virtue and if there is any praise, give thought to these things. (BBE)

1 Thessalonians 2:10 You yourselves are witnesses--and God is witness--how holy and upright and blameless our dealings with you believers were. (WEY BBE NAS)

1 Timothy 1:9 With the knowledge that the law is made, not for the upright man, but for those who have no respect for law and order, for evil men and sinners, for the unholy and those who have no religion, for those who put their fathers or mothers to death, for takers of life, (BBE)

2 Timothy 4:8 From now on, the crown of righteousness is made ready for me, which the Lord, the upright judge, Will give to me at that day: and not only to me, but to all those who have had love for his revelation. (BBE)

Titus 1:8 but hospitable to strangers, a lover of goodness, sober-minded, upright, saintly, self-controlled; (WEY BBE RSV NIV)

Titus 2:12 training us to renounce ungodliness and all the pleasures of this world, and to live sober, upright, and pious lives at the present time, (WEY BBE RSV NIV)

Hebrews 10:38 But the upright man will be living by his faith; and if he goes back, my soul will have no pleasure in him. (BBE)

James 5:6 You have given your decision against the upright man and have put him to death. He puts up no fight against you. (BBE)

1 Peter 3:12 For the eyes of the Lord are on the upright, and his ears are open to their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil. (BBE)

1 Peter 3:18 Because Christ once went through pain for sins, the upright one taking the place of sinners, so that through him we might come back to God; being put to death in the flesh, but given life in the Spirit; (BBE)

2 Peter 2:7 And kept safe Lot, the upright man, who was deeply troubled by the unclean life of the evil-doers (BBE)

2 Peter 2:8 (Because the soul of that upright man living among them was pained from day to day by seeing and hearing their crimes): (ASV)

2 Peter 2:9 The Lord is able to keep the upright safe in the time of testing, and to keep evil-doers under punishment till the day of judging; (BBE)

1 John 1:9 If we say openly that we have done wrong, he is upright and true to his word, giving us forgiveness of sins and making us clean from all evil. (BBE)

1 John 2:1 My little children, I am writing these things to you so that you may be without sin. And if any man is a sinner, we have a friend and helper with the Father, Jesus Christ, the upright one: (BBE)

1 John 2:29 If you have knowledge that he is upright, it is clear to you that everyone who does righteousness is his offspring. (BBE)

1 John 3:7 My little children, let no man take you out of the true way: he who does righteousness is upright, even as he is upright; (BBE)

Revelation 16:5 And the voice of the angel of the waters came to my ears, saying, True and upright is your judging, O Holy One, who is and was from all time: (BBE)

Revelation 19:2 For true and upright are his decisions; for by him has the evil woman been judged, who made the earth unclean with the sins of her body; and he has given her punishment for the blood of his servants. (BBE)

Revelation 22:11 Let the evil man go on in his evil: and let the unclean be still unclean: and let the upright go on in his righteousness: and let the holy be holy still. (BBE)

Genesis 6:9 These are the generations of Noah. Noah was an upright man and without sin in his generation: he went in the ways of God. (BBE)

Genesis 7:1 And the Lord said to Noah, Take all your family and go into the ark, for you only in this generation have I seen to be upright. (BBE)

Genesis 17:1 When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the Lord came to him, and said, I am God, Ruler of all; go in my ways and be upright in all things, (BBE)

Genesis 18:23 And Abraham came near, and said, Will you let destruction come on the upright with the sinners? (BBE)

Genesis 18:24 If by chance there are fifty upright men in the town, will you give the place to destruction and not have mercy on it because of the fifty upright men? (BBE)

Genesis 18:25 Let such a thing be far from you, to put the upright to death with the sinner: will not the judge of all the earth do right? (BBE)

Genesis 18:26 And the Lord said, If there are fifty upright men in the town, I will have mercy on it because of them. (BBE)

Genesis 18:28 If by chance there are five less than fifty upright men, will you give up all the town to destruction because of these five? And he said, I will not give it to destruction if there are forty-five. (BBE)

Genesis 20:4 Now Abimelech had not come near her; and he said, Lord, will you put to death an upright nation? (BBE)

Genesis 20:5 Did he not say to me himself, She is my sister? and she herself said, He is my brother: with an upright heart and clean hands have I done this. (BBE)

Genesis 20:6 And God said to him in the dream, I see that you have done this with an upright heart, and I have kept you from sinning against me: for this reason I did not let you come near her. (BBE)

Genesis 37:7 for behold, we were binding sheaves in the field, and behold, my sheaf arose and also stood upright; and behold, your sheaves came around, and bowed down to my sheaf." (WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE WBS RSV NIV)

Genesis 38:26 Then Judah said openly that they were his, and said, She is more upright than I am, for I did not give her to Shelah my son. And he had no more connection with her. (BBE)

Genesis 42:11 We are all one man's sons; we are true men, thy servants are no spies. (See JPS)

Genesis 42:19 if ye be true men, let one of your brethren be bound in your prison-house; but go ye, carry grain for the famine of your houses: (See JPS)

Genesis 42:31 And we said unto him, We are true men; and we are no spies: (See JPS)

Genesis 42:33 And the man, the lord of the land, said unto us, Hereby shall I know that ye are true men: leave one of your brethren with me, and take grain for the famine of your houses, and go your way; (See JPS)

Genesis 42:34 and bring your youngest brother unto me: then shall I know that ye are no spies, but that ye are true men: so will I deliver you your brother, and ye shall traffic in the land. (See JPS)

Exodus 9:27 Then Pharaoh sent for Moses and Aaron, and said to them, I have done evil this time: the Lord is upright, and I and my people are sinners. (BBE)

Exodus 15:8 With the blast of your nostrils, the waters were piled up. The floods stood upright as a heap. The deeps were congealed in the heart of the sea. (WEB KJV JPS ASV WBS)

Exodus 23:7 Keep yourselves far from any false business; never let the upright or him who has done no wrong be put to death: for I will make the evil-doer responsible for his sin. (BBE)

Exodus 23:8 Take no rewards in a cause: for rewards make blind those who have eyes to see, and make the decisions of the upright false. (BBE)

Exodus 26:15 And you are to make upright boards of hard wood for the House. (BBE NAS RSV NIV)

Exodus 36:20 And for the uprights of the House they made boards of hard wood. (Root in BBE NAS RSV NIV)

Leviticus 26:13 I am Yahweh your God, who brought you forth out of the land of Egypt, that you should not be their slaves; and I have broken the bars of your yoke, and made you go upright. (WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS)

Numbers 23:10 Who is able to take the measure of the dust of Jacob or the number of the thousands of Israel? May my death be the death of the upright and my last end like his! (BBE YLT NAS)

Deuteronomy 6:18 And do what is upright and good in the eyes of the Lord your God, so that it may be well for you and you may go in and take for your heritage that good land from which the Lord undertook by an oath to your fathers, (BBE)

Deuteronomy 9:5 Not for your righteousness, or for the uprightness of your heart, do you go in to possess their land; but for the wickedness of these nations Yahweh your God does drive them out from before you, and that he may establish the word which Yahweh swore to your fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob. (Root in WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV)

Deuteronomy 16:18 You are to make judges and overseers in all your towns which the Lord your God gives you, for every tribe: and they are to be upright men, judging the people in righteousness. (BBE)

Deuteronomy 16:19 You are not to be moved in your judging by a man's position, you are not to take rewards; for rewards make the eyes of the wise man blind, and the decisions of the upright false. (BBE)

Deuteronomy 18:13 You are to be upright in heart before the Lord your God. (BBE)

Deuteronomy 24:17 Be upright in judging the cause of the man from a strange country and of him who has no father; do not take a widow's clothing on account of a debt: (BBE)

Deuteronomy 25:1 If there is an argument between men and they go to law with one another, let the judges give their decision for the upright, and against the wrongdoer. (BBE)

Deuteronomy 25:16 For all who do such things, and all whose ways are not upright, are disgusting to the Lord your God. (BBE)

Deuteronomy 32:4 He is the Rock, complete is his work; for all his ways are righteousness: a God without evil who keeps faith, true and upright is he. (BBE YLT NAS NIV)

Joshua 10:13 and the sun standeth still, and the moon hath stood -- till the nation taketh vengeance 'on' its enemies; is it not written on the Book of the Upright, 'and the sun standeth in the midst of the heavens, and hath not hasted to go in -- as a perfect day?' (YLT)

Judges 5:11 Give ear to the women laughing by the water-springs; there they will give again the story of the upright acts of the Lord, all the upright acts of his arm in Israel. (BBE)

Judges 9:19 if ye then have dealt truly and uprightly with Jerubbaal and with his house this day, then rejoice ye in Abimelech, and let him also rejoice in you. (Root in JPS ASV BBE)

1 Samuel 8:3 And his sons did not go in his ways, but moved by the love of money took rewards, and were not upright in judging. (BBE)

1 Samuel 12:23 I, also, far be it from me to sin against Jehovah, by ceasing to pray for you, and I have directed you in the good and upright way; (YLT)

1 Samuel 29:6 Then Achish called David, and said to him, "As Yahweh lives, you have been upright, and your going out and your coming in with me in the army is good in my sight; for I have not found evil in you since the day of your coming to me to this day. Nevertheless, the lords don't favor you. (WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS)


Upright (392 Occurrences)
... 1. (a.) In an erect position or posture; perpendicular; vertical, or nearly vertical;
pointing upward; as, an upright tree. ...Upright (392 Occurrences). ...
/u/upright.htm - 36k

Erect (17 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (a.) Upright, or having a vertical position; not
inverted; not leaning or bent; not prone; as, to stand erect. ...
/e/erect.htm - 12k

God-fearing (24 Occurrences)
... Luke 2:25 Now there was a man in Jerusalem of the name of Symeon, an upright and
God-fearing man, who was waiting for the consolation of Israel, and the Holy ...
/g/god-fearing.htm - 13k

Right (4703 Occurrences)
... line. 2. (a.) Upright; erect from a base; having an upright axis; not oblique;
as, right ascension; a right pyramid or cone. 3. (a ...
/r/right.htm - 14k

Jeshurun (4 Occurrences)
... A poetical name for the people of Israel, used in token of affection, meaning,
"the dear upright people" (Deuteronomy 32:15; 33:5, 26; Isaiah 44:2). Int. ...
/j/jeshurun.htm - 10k

Whole-hearted (6 Occurrences)
... Job 1:1 There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was
perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and turned away from evil. ...
/w/whole-hearted.htm - 8k

Overturned (41 Occurrences)
... (BBE DBY). Proverbs 11:11 By the blessing of the upright man the town is made great,
but it is overturned by the mouth of the evil-doer. (BBE). ...
/o/overturned.htm - 18k

Evil-doer (88 Occurrences)
... Exodus 23:7 Keep yourselves far from any false business; never let the upright or
him who has done no wrong be put to death: for I will make the evil-doer ...
/e/evil-doer.htm - 30k

Rewards (26 Occurrences)
... (BBE). Exodus 23:8 Take no rewards in a cause: for rewards make blind those who
have eyes to see, and make the decisions of the upright false. (BBE). ...
/r/rewards.htm - 14k

Integrity (46 Occurrences)
... in-teg'-ri-ti (tom, tummah): The translation of tom, "simplicity," "soundness,"
"completeness," rendered also "upright," "perfection." Its original sense ...
/i/integrity.htm - 22k

3717. orthos -- straight, upright
... straight, upright. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: orthos Phonetic Spelling:
(or-thos') Short Definition: upright, straight Definition: upright ...
/greek/3717.htm - 7k

4716. stauros -- an upright stake, hence a cross (the Rom. ...
... stauros. 4717 >>. an upright stake, hence a cross (the Rom. ... Word Origin from the
same as histemi Definition an upright stake, hence a cross (the Rom. ...
/greek/4716.htm - 8k

461. anorthoo -- to set upright, set straight again
... to set upright, set straight again. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: anorthoo
Phonetic Spelling: (an-orth-o'-o) Short Definition: I make straight again ...
/greek/461.htm - 6k

1342. dikaios -- correct, righteous, by impl. innocent
... 1342 ("righteous, just") describes what is in conformity to God's own being
(His will, standard of rightness); hence "upright.". ...
/greek/1342.htm - 8k

2476. histemi -- to make to stand, to stand
... 1), put forward (2), set (4), stand (27), stand firm (4), standing (53), standing
firm (1), stands (6), stood (27), stood still (1), stood upright (1), stop (1 ...
/greek/2476.htm - 11k

2735. katorthoma -- very worthy deed, public reform
... From a compound of kata and a derivative of orthos (compare diorthosis); something
made fully upright, ie (figuratively) rectification (specially, good public ...
/greek/2735.htm - 6k

1344. dikaioo -- to show to be righteous, declare righteous
... right, judicial-approval") -- properly, , especially in a legal, authoritative sense;
to show what is right, ie conformed to a proper standard (ie "upright"). ...
/greek/1344.htm - 9k

3716. orthopodeo -- to walk straight
... 3716 (from 3717 , "straight, upright" and 4228 , "foot") -- properly straight-footed;
(figuratively) to walk uprightly, ie in conformity to God's truth (used ...
/greek/3716.htm - 7k

2513. katharos -- clean (adjective)
... os') Short Definition: clean, pure, unstained Definition: clean, pure, unstained,
either literally or ceremonially or spiritually; guiltless, innocent, upright ...
/greek/2513.htm - 7k

5087. tithemi -- to place, lay, set
... literally and figuratively; properly, in a passive or horizontal posture, and thus
different from histemi, which properly denotes an upright and active position ...
/greek/5087.htm - 10k

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (a.) In an erect position or posture; perpendicular; vertical, or nearly vertical; pointing upward; as, an upright tree.

2. (a.) Morally erect; having rectitude; honest; just; as, a man upright in all his ways.

3. (a.) Conformable to moral rectitude.

4. (a.) Stretched out face upward; flat on the back.

5. (n.) Something standing upright, as a piece of timber in a building.

Strong's Hebrew
3484. Yeshurun -- "upright one," poetic name for Isr.
... Yeshurun. 3485 >>. "upright one," poetic name for Isr. ... Word Origin from yashar
Definition "upright one," poetic name for Isr. NASB Word Usage Jeshurun (4). ...
/hebrew/3484.htm - 6k

3477. yashar -- straight, right
... << 3476, 3477. yashar. 3478 >>. straight, right. Transliteration: yashar Phonetic
Spelling: (yaw-shawr') Short Definition: upright. Word ...
/hebrew/3477.htm - 6k

5977. omed -- a standing place
... Word Origin from amad Definition a standing place NASB Word Usage place (3), posts
(1), stations (2), upright* (2), where i was standing (1). ...
/hebrew/5977.htm - 6k

8535. tam -- complete
... 2). coupled together, perfect, plain, undefiled, upright. From tamam; complete;
usually (morally) pious; specifically, gentle, dear ...
/hebrew/8535.htm - 6k

6968. qomemiyyuth -- uprightness
... upright. From quwm; elevation, ie (adverbially) erectly (figuratively): upright.
see HEBREW quwm. << 6967, 6968. qomemiyyuth. 6969 >>. Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/6968.htm - 6k

4339. meshar -- evenness, uprightness, equity
... Word Usage equity (8), peaceful arrangement (1), right things (1), rightly (1),
sincerity (1), smooth (1), smoothly (2), things that are upright (1), uprightly ...
/hebrew/4339.htm - 6k

8537. tom -- completeness, integrity, also part of the high ...
... also part of the high priest's breastplate NASB Word Usage blameless (1), full
(1), full measure (1), innocently (1), integrity (16), random (2), upright (1). ...
/hebrew/8537.htm - 6k

3476. yosher -- straightness, uprightness
... from yashar Definition straightness, uprightness NASB Word Usage correctly (1),
honest (1), integrity (1), justly due (1), right (1), upright (1), uprightness ...
/hebrew/3476.htm - 6k

4749. miqshah -- perhaps hammered work
... Word Origin from the same as miqsheh Definition perhaps hammered work NASB Word
Usage hammered work (9). beaten out of one piece, work, upright, whole piece. ...
/hebrew/4749.htm - 6k

3651. ken -- so, thus
... From kuwn; properly, set upright; hence (figuratively as adjective) just; but usually
(as adverb or conjunction) rightly or so (in various applications to ...
/hebrew/3651.htm - 6k



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Cares (28 Occurrences)

Acquitted (24 Occurrences)

Abstaineth (2 Occurrences)

Shunneth (2 Occurrences)

Standard (42 Occurrences)

Stedfastness (17 Occurrences)

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Stand (542 Occurrences)

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