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Utterances (9 Occurrences)

Acts 7:38 This is he who was among the Congregation in the Desert, together with the angel who spoke to him on Mount Sinai and with our forefathers, who received ever-living utterances to hand on to us. (WEY)

Acts 13:27 For those who dwell in Jerusalem, and their rulers, because they didn't know him, nor the voices of the prophets which are read every Sabbath, fulfilled them by condemning him. (See NAS RSV)

1 Corinthians 12:10 to another the exercise of miraculous powers; to another the gift of prophecy; to another the power of discriminating between prophetic utterances; to another varieties of the gift of 'tongues;' to another the interpretation of tongues. (WEY)

1 Thessalonians 5:20 Do not think meanly of utterances of prophecy; (WEY NAS)

1 Timothy 1:18 This instruction I commit to you, my child Timothy, according to the prophecies which led the way to you, that by them you may wage the good warfare; (See RSV)

Job 33:1 Howbeit, Job, I pray thee, hear mine utterances, and hearken to all my words. (DBY)

Psalms 19:4 Their voice has gone out through all the earth, their words to the end of the world. In them he has set a tent for the sun, (See NAS)

Proverbs 8:8 All the words of my mouth are righteousness; there is nothing false or twisted in them. (See NAS)

Isaiah 41:26 Who hath declared it from the beginning, that we may know? and beforetime, that we may say, He is right? yea, there is none that declareth, yea, there is none that showeth, yea, there is none that heareth your words. (See JPS)

Utterances (9 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance Utterances (9 Occurrences). ... (WEY). 1 Thessalonians
5:20 Do not think meanly of utterances of prophecy; (WEY NAS). ...
/u/utterances.htm - 8k

Oracle (57 Occurrences)
... The use in this passage seems to indicate that at an early period oracular utterances
were sought from Yahweh by the Israelites, but the practice certainly ...
/o/oracle.htm - 26k

... in the Old Testament, particularly in the Psalms (Psalm 32:1, 2; Psalm 41:1; Psalm
65:4, etc.), and Jesus on various occasions threw His utterances into this ...
/b/beatitudes.htm - 16k

Burden (111 Occurrences)
... both the King James Version and the Revised Version (British and American) massa'
is translated "burden," as applied to certain prophetic utterances; but both ...
/b/burden.htm - 46k

Nahum (3 Occurrences)
... with growing unanimity, denied the originality of Nahum 1:2-2:2 (Hebrew 2:3), with
the exception of 2:1, which is considered the beginning of Nahum's utterances...
/n/nahum.htm - 21k

Preacher (27 Occurrences)
... 13). Of course the agnostic and pessimistic utterances in Ec are to be
regarded as the presentation of one side of an argument. ...
/p/preacher.htm - 48k

Ecclesiastes (1 Occurrence)
... 13). Of course the agnostic and pessimistic utterances in Ec are to be
regarded as the presentation of one side of an argument. ...
/e/ecclesiastes.htm - 27k

Gift (148 Occurrences)
... MYSTERY). In order to make the utterances comprehensible to the congregation,
the services of an "interpreter" were needed. Such ...
/g/gift.htm - 59k

... LOGIA, THE. 1. The Word "Logia" and Its History: The word logion, which is a
diminutive of logos, was regularly used of Divine utterances. ...
/l/logia.htm - 19k

Sayings (134 Occurrences)
... of Moses the revelation comes direct in the shape of the naked truth without the
mediation of figures of speech or obscure utterances requiring elucidation ...
/s/sayings.htm - 41k

3051. logion -- a saying, an oracle
... logion Phonetic Spelling: (log'-ee-on) Short Definition: divine communication
Definition: plur: oracles, divine responses or utterances (it can include the ...
/greek/3051.htm - 6k

5456. phone -- a voice, sound
... Word Usage blasts (1), cry (1), language (1), languages (1), outcry (1), sound
(15), sounds (4), statement (1), tone (1), utterance (3), utterances (1), voice ...
/greek/5456.htm - 7k

4394. propheteia -- prophecy
... Word Origin from propheteuo Definition prophecy NASB Word Usage prophecies (1),
prophecy (15), prophesying (1), prophetic utterance (1), prophetic utterances (1 ...
/greek/4394.htm - 7k

Strong's Hebrew
561. emer -- speech, word
... NASB Word Usage arguments (1), chastisement (1), command (1), decreed (1), promise
(1), sayings (4), slander* (1), speech (2), thing (1), utterances (1), words ...
/hebrew/561.htm - 6k

4405. millah -- a word, speech, utterance
... a word, speech, utterance NASB Word Usage answer* (1), anything to say (1), byword
(1), said (1), speaking (1), speech (5), talking (1), utterances (1), what ...
/hebrew/4405.htm - 6k



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