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Composition (2 Occurrences)

Exodus 30:32 It shall not be poured on man's flesh, neither shall you make any like it, according to its composition: it is holy. It shall be holy to you. (WEB KJV JPS ASV WBS RSV)

Exodus 30:37 The incense which you shall make, according to its composition you shall not make for yourselves: it shall be to you holy for Yahweh. (WEB KJV JPS ASV WBS RSV)

Composition (2 Occurrences)
... 2. (n.) The invention or combination of the parts of any literary work or discourse,
or of a work of art; as, the composition of a poem or a piece of music. ...
/c/composition.htm - 9k

... 4. (n.) A cantata relating to rural life; a composition for instruments characterized
by simplicity and sweetness; a lyrical composition the subject of which ...
/p/pastoral.htm - 39k

Ground (538 Occurrences)
... 7. (n.) That surface upon which the figures of a composition are set, and which
relieves them by its plainness, being either of one tint or of tints but ...
/g/ground.htm - 43k

Whitewash (7 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) Any wash or liquid composition for whitening
something, as a wash for making the skin fair. 2. (n ...
/w/whitewash.htm - 9k

Poem (6 Occurrences)
... 1. (n.) A metrical composition; a composition in verse written in certain measures,
whether in blank verse or in rhyme, and characterized by imagination and ...
/p/poem.htm - 8k

Compound (3 Occurrences)
... 7. (vi) To effect a composition; to come to terms of agreement; to agree; to settle
by a compromise; -- usually followed by with before the person participating ...
/c/compound.htm - 9k

Symphony (3 Occurrences)
... 3. (n.) An elaborate instrumental composition for a full orchestra, consisting usually,
like the sonata, of three or four contrasted yet inwardly related ...
/s/symphony.htm - 8k

... 2. (n.) Imaginative language or composition, whether expressed rhythmically
or in prose. Specifically: Metrical composition; verse ...
/p/poetry.htm - 48k

... In the face of this fact, will any one venture to allege either that Christ was
ignorant of the composition of the Bible, or that, knowing the true state of ...
/p/pentateuch.htm - 77k

Discomfiture (6 Occurrences)
... PLACE AND TIME OF COMPOSITION 1. Babylon: Which? ... It is an assumption to assert from
these words that Silvanus was employed in the composition of the letter. ...
/d/discomfiture.htm - 101k

4486. rhegnumi -- to break apart, by ext. to throw down
... wreck" or "crack", ie (especially) to sunder (by separation of the parts; katagnumi
being its intensive (with the preposition in composition), and thrauo a ...
/greek/4486.htm - 7k

2596. kata -- down, against, according to
... In composition it retains many of these applications, and frequently denotes
opposition, distribution, or intensity. (kath) -- 61 Occurrences. ...
/greek/2596.htm - 9k

575. apo -- from, away from
... In composition (as a prefix) it usually denotes separation, departure, cessation,
completion, reversal, etc. (ap) -- 125 Occurrences. (apo) -- 479 Occurrences. ...
/greek/575.htm - 6k

1537. ek -- from, from out of
... Often used in composition, with the same general import; often of completion. (ek) --
680 Occurrences. (ex) -- 247 Occurrences. << 1536, 1537. ek or ex. 1538 >> ...
/greek/1537.htm - 7k

473. anti -- over against, opposite, hence instead of, in comp. ...
... Often used in composition to denote contrast, requital, substitution, correspondence,
etc. (anth) -- 5 Occurrences. (anti) -- 17 Occurrences. << 472, 473. ...
/greek/473.htm - 7k

1830. exeraunao -- to search out
... of salvation (unique glorification) in a believer's life (cf. 1 Pet 3:9). ["The
in composition has the force of searched and is rendered by " (, 302).]. ...
/greek/1830.htm - 7k

1487. ei -- forasmuch as, if, that
... Often used in connection or composition with other particles, especially as in eige,
ei de me(ge), ei kai, ei me, ei me ti, ei per, ei pos, ei tis, ek. ...
/greek/1487.htm - 7k

1223. dia -- through, on account of, because of
... In composition it retains the same general importance. (di) -- 148 Occurrences.
(dia) -- 520 Occurrences. << 1222, 1223. dia. 1224 >>. Strong's Numbers.
/greek/1223.htm - 8k

3326. meta -- with, among, after
... Often used in composition, in substantially the same relations of participation
or proximity, and transfer or sequence. see GREEK pros. see GREEK apo. ...
/greek/3326.htm - 8k

5037. te -- and (denotes addition or connection)
... Often used in composition, usually as the latter participle. see GREEK kai. (te) --
215 Occurrences. << 5036, 5037. te. 5038 >>. Strong's Numbers.
/greek/5037.htm - 7k

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

kom-po-zish'-un, kom'-pound (mathkoneth, "measure"); (subst.) (raqach, "to make perfume," roqach, "perfume"): Used of the sacred anointing oil (Exodus 30:25, 32, 33) and of the holy perfume (Exodus 30:37, 38), which were not to be used for any profane purpose.

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) The act or art of composing, or forming a whole or integral, by placing together and uniting different things, parts, or ingredients.

2. (n.) The invention or combination of the parts of any literary work or discourse, or of a work of art; as, the composition of a poem or a piece of music.

3. (n.) The art or practice of so combining the different parts of a work of art as to produce a harmonious whole; also, a work of art considered as such. See below.

4. (n.) The act of writing for practice in a language, as English, Latin, German, etc.

5. (n.) The setting up of type and arranging it for printing.

6. (n.) The state of being put together or composed; conjunction; combination; adjustment.

7. (n.) A mass or body formed by combining two or more substances; as, a chemical composition.

8. (n.) A literary, musical, or artistic production, especially one showing study and care in arrangement; -- often used of an elementary essay or translation done as an educational exercise.

9. (n.) Consistency; accord; congruity.

10. (n.) Mutual agreement to terms or conditions for the settlement of a difference or controversy; also, the terms or conditions of settlement; agreement.

11. (n.) The adjustment of a debt, or avoidance of an obligation, by some form of compensation agreed on between the parties; also, the sum or amount of compensation agreed upon in the adjustment.

12. (n.) Synthesis as opposed to analysis.

Strong's Hebrew
4971. mathkoneth -- measurement, tally, proportion
... 2), quota (1), specifications (1), standard (1). composition, measure,
state, tale. Or mathkuneth {math-koo'-neth}; from takan in ...
/hebrew/4971.htm - 6k


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